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Latest BMW Dealer Reviews

Basney BMW - South Bend, IN

On 10/9/2015 7:37:11 PM wrote:
The MAIN POINTS - the used car warranty is a scam so they don’t have to list the cars “As-Is,” they don’t stand behind their products and refused to “pay” their own shop to repair a car they were selling, they told me they would rather sell the car at auction to make a profit rather than meet my purchase/repair requests for the car. They accused the car inspector of making up things that didn’t need to be fixed after having agreed about the issues earlier. Got Chad Basney involved, he sided with the rude Used Car manager Tim. BUYER BEWARE!

I will never buy from Basney—here is why. They care more for profit than people, but pretend to be kind.

The story:

Tim, the used car manager at Basney Mazda, was far less than polite when he abruptly responded “I’m busy,” after being asked for help. One might think that the customer in your face takes priority over a computer screen—perhaps I’m wrong.

In comes Tom, a salesperson with a fast tongue. Tom at first seemed kind and accommodating—even replied to Tim’s behavior with a prompt “screw him,” to align with his new client.

Everything was ok until the car was inspected during the pre-sale process. This vehicle needed new rotors, and had about 20% brakes in the front and 30% in the rear remaining. The vehicle also needed a four wheel alignment. Though it sat on their lot for 148 days, none of this was previously addressed on a vehicle that had been “inspected” and was being sold with a “warranty…” (insert confused look).

I even spoke with Chad Basney who knew I had a check in hand, and he sided with the Tim, the rude used sales manager. Profit>People.

Instead of making a sale, earning a promotor and possible repeat customer, they have inspired me to warn others to avoid them if you’re looking for quality vehicles and service. I was once a big fan of theirs--sorry to say that they failed when it counted most.

BMW of Murrieta - Murrieta, CA

On 10/9/2015 7:30:57 PM wrote:
Carl, very nice and informative. They try to get you on your way as soon as possible. I'm pregnant and loving the snacks. I got a beautiful car at a great price.