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Latest Bentley Dealer Reviews

Desert European Motorcars - Rancho Mirage, CA

On 2/7/2016 11:21:09 AM wrote:
In general they have a nice selection of vehicles but they’re not looking at retaining long-term customers. They just want a quick sale.

Specific Issues that I had in trying to purchase a Jaguar XKR from them remotely in August 2015:

Paperwork: The paperwork was a fiasco. The numbers were inconsistent with what we discussed over the phone and in the end the purchase amount less the agreed upon fees less the down payment should have equaled what was remaining, but did not.

Desert Motors tried to schedule an external company to meet with me to sign and notarize the paperwork. Besides the day and time miscommunicated between my sales person at Desert Motors (Kyle) and the finance person (Davin), the paperwork sent was much more extensive than what was emailed to me for pre-review – and the numbers were not the same as in the pre-review. The handwritten contract was almost illegible.

The car had 1400 miles on it and was being sold as new, untitled, executive driven vehicle. As Kyle stated, it was “as new as new gets”. A day or so before finalizing/signing the paperwork Kyle informed me he could not complete the Carfax paperwork to guarantee the vehicle because he said it only applied to preowned cars and “this car was still new and on MSO”. He also said, “the car is new with some miles on it and is considered an untitled factory demo that is why you are leasing it so inexpensively. “ Yet on their website it stated that it qualified for a Carfax report. Below are bullet points taken straight from Desert Motor’s website, they stated:
• No Total Loss Reported to CARFAX."
• No Structural/Frame Damage Reported to CARFAX."
• Vehicle Qualifies for the CARFAX Buyback Guarantee."
• No Manufacturer Recalls Reported to CARFAX."
• No Indication of an Odometer Rollback
• No Accidents Damage Reported to CARFAX."
• No Airbag Deployment Reported to CARFAX."

At the eleventh hour prior to delivery we were informed the vehicle was going into the body shop for some repairs, not what I would consider “as new as new gets”.
When the vehicle finally arrived, it was missing hook screws in the trunk, the windshield wiper plastic nut cover and the cargo net (which was stated in the write-up as included). When I confronted Kyle about these missing items, he stated he sold the vehicle “as-is” (like it was a used car). Dealing with him was infuriating, when I asked about the Carfax I could not get one because the car was “new”, when I asked for the missing pieces to be provided the car was “used” and sold as is, it can’t be both.
• After some pressure Kyle promised to send those items to me (this never occurred).
• Kyle and Elaina (Finance Director) promised to put some “swag” in the car when it shipped (that never happened either). They also stated, “we would not be disappointed” (well we were).

Although Desert Motors required and accepted our proof of insurance, we received a letter from US Bank (who financed the lease) about 1 month after receiving the vehicle that we had to LOWER our deductible for them (from $5k to $500) to meet their lease agreement requirements. This should have been caught by the dealership and pointed out for us so we could have rectified it prior to delivery.

It also took about 8 weeks to get our plates even though we paid this dealership about $125 to have a special service expedite them. They didn’t even ship the car with temporary plates.

Bentley Bugatti Rolls Royce Scottsdale - Phoenix, AZ

On 2/6/2016 11:51:06 AM wrote:
My visit to Scottsdale Bentley on February 5, 2016 made perfectly clear that Scottsdale Bentley is interested in one thing and one thing only: money. They are unconcerned with the customer, are inattentive, rude, slow and just plain bad to be around--unless of course they think you have money, in which case they buzz around like knats with dopey fake smiles. When I went to trade my Bentley Continental GT for some newer vehicle, Salesman Gary flat out told me they would not buy my car UNLESS I bought one from them; this contradicts their website. He was rude and smug and seemed like my presence was more of a nuisance than anything else, even though I made clear that I was not opposed to buying some other car found on its website. He asked me a few questions, then ignored me while he helped another salesman right in front of me (as I just sat there), then turned back to me to talk about the appraisal of my trade-in. It was without a doubt, the worst experience at a car dealership that I have ever had in my life. I left without even getting the appraisal and will never, ever go there again. I will advise my friends to avoid this place like the plague. Little wonder why there aren't many reviews for this dealership on They don't deserve to even be in business.