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Latest Kia Dealer Reviews

Southtown Kia - Edmonton, AB

On 8/5/2015 1:54:29 AM wrote:
Love the vehicle don't trust the dealership. They don't honour their own website deals citing the deal is expired even though it's still advertised online 2 months after it supposedly expired and no expiry date on the website. I emailed a sales manager to try and get an answer and didn't have the courtesy to reply.
They snuck in a security and tire protection packages in to the sale by having it typewritten while everything else was handwritten while we negotiated numbers. I asked what it was and was told it was a mandatory tax they had to charge which is why it was typewritten in. We agreed to a price with those numbers on the bill of sale. Then after we agreed to a final price and returned days later to sign the final documents and pick up the vehicle they then added A total of $980 difference from our original agreement. When asked why the price changed I was told because my trade in value didn't cover the cost of the loan. This accounted for $300 of the $980 they added.
They put our address wrong in all of our documents. I requested they fix it immediately and they said they would. I called the bank over 2 weeks later and no change had been made. The bank has sent all of the mail to someone else. 
After we had agreed on a price but before we picked up our vehicle a sales manager called us saying they accidently sold our vehicle to someone else. Since we signed documents first it was supposedly ours but he could offer us a deal if we went with another vehicle. Said they had the same one, same trim, same year, same everything and he'd give us $1000 off if we took it. Well this was a used vehicle as it had 4500 km on it. We politely declined this scam. 
We were told as an incentive they'd give us all weather mats. They would be in the vehicle when we picked it up. When they weren't in there we were told the carpet was the all weather mat. When I disagreed we were told to flip the mat over and the rubber on the other side would protect against the snow and mud. Obviously not true. Finally told mats were on back order and we would get them when they come in. 
We weren't even given the proper paperwork so that we could register the vehicle. Had to go back the next day to and request the NVIS.
This dealership has 1980 used car dealership written all over it with their slimy tricks. Thank goodness I had copies of everything I signed and could call them out on this. Our sales person was very friendly and appeared to be trying to help us but with everything that happened it seemed like this is a management issue as they created a sales culture of unethical behaviour to squeeze a tiny bit extra out of every sale by shady tricks. Everything went through the sales manager so the blame is on them. This probably works more often than not so I don't see a change in the future.
I've had to put in so much of my own time to fix their mistakes and try to get the money back to equal our original agreed price. It's too bad because we love the vehicle we bought.
Suggest that if you have any issues you communicate through email so that you have a record including time and date. They can't be taken at their word.

Bev Smith Kia - Fort Pierce, FL

On 8/5/2015 1:36:04 AM wrote:
Always the best experience no matter when i come..very conscious..always puts the customer first. Never have to wait long and slays know up front what's wrong and how much it would be