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Kendall Lexus of Eugene
344 Goodpasture Island Rd
Eugene, OR 97401
(541) 683-5181
Kendall Lexus of Eugene Reviews

Kuni Lexus of Portland
8840 Southwest Canyon Road
Portland, OR 97225
(877) 420-4771
Kuni Lexus of Portland Reviews

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Kuni Lexus of Portland - Portland, OR

On 8/2/2014 9:51:44 AM pedroa wrote:
For an experienced ibuyer from Southern Oregon that shops vehicles on the net and buys every other year, Kuni Lexus is worth the short drive from Ashland to Portland. Brett Day's kind attention, the service manager's willingness to take ConsumerReports/Truecar seriously and a finance manager who skillfully explores price options will combine to make the trip north save you time and money. Whether you want a VW, BMW, Lexus or domestic, go north. Those of us who are in their sixties and seventies know better than to leave money on the table. You'll find the best selection and customer service that has been sharpened by stiff competition. America at its best.

Kuni Lexus of Portland - Portland, OR

On 6/30/2014 7:10:08 PM RCBStanton wrote:
We have purchased a number of cars over the years and visited many dealerships. However this was the first time we've been to a Kuni dealership. On the day we bought the car we visited 5 dealerships and it started with the Kuni Auto Shop. First thing we noticed was how professional they were and they were all about "us" and the car we wanted. They didn't try to sell the car that's been on the lot the longest and needed pushed. They didn't hear "car" and then try to sell a truck. It was a very welcomed visit. Unfortunately they didn't have a car we wanted. Next was a couple typical lots. Heard about how a salesman Destroyed his 84 civic and how he now has a Fusion. The kid was barely out of high school and probably needed some people skills. We left quickly. We then visited the Kuni BMW lot and quickly found they didn't have a car we were looking for either. It's weird how you go to a lot, see the salesmen waiting like sharks, and quickly think of a way to leave. At the second Kuni lot there was nothing like that. In fact as we left my wife and I talked about how awesome the two Kuni lots seemed and sad they didn't have a car we wanted. Lastly on the way home we went by Kuni Lexus and decided to stop. Again the same welcoming feeling. We met a gentlemen named Duy Dang (Dewey). We told him what we wanted and he quickly checked their inventory, online, in front of us. Low and behold they had one!! Before even getting the keys he got us a printed copy of the carfax and it looked perfect. He grabbed the keys. During the test drive he didn't try over selling the car at all. He just let us drive. No stories of how fast it is, how great it does on hills, or any other stat he thinks we're interested in. He sat, answered questions, and let us drive. I can tell you I don't know much about Dewey nor do I need to. He didn't try to over sell HIMSELF as some amazing car salesman, bragging about his accomplishments in life, or trying to become our best friend, he simply guided us with answers to our questions. No rush, no false gimmicks, no unnecessary flattery. We found ourselves ENJOYING the process. There was no haggling either. It went like this, I made an offer on the car, they came back with a counter offer (3-5 mins I might add), and I countered again. SOLD! The whole "negotiations" lasted less than 10 mins!! I can tell you we took delivery of a great car and we WILL be back!! Everybody was great! Corrie in finance, Matt in service, and of course Dewey in sales. We will be getting our car serviced at Kuni and will at some point trade it in at Kuni. I know that the Kuni difference is real and across all their dealerships. Kuni just bought a lifetime customer with Dewey's help just as I've bought a car. No negotiations needed!!