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Kendall Lexus of Eugene
344 Goodpasture Island Rd
Eugene, OR 97401
(855) 981-5525
Kendall Lexus of Eugene Reviews

Kuni Lexus of Portland
8840 Southwest Canyon Road
Portland, OR 97225
(877) 420-4771
Kuni Lexus of Portland Reviews

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Kendall Lexus of Eugene - Eugene, OR

On 4/4/2018 6:32:17 PM enki445@charter.net wrote:
On 3/20 my wife and l took our 07 ES 350 in for a factory airbag recall. We were told a mice had made a nest ( they claimed to have a picture which was never shown to us) in the air conditioning system and the filter had to be replaced. That $20 part cost us $267 to have installed. They also recorded all four tires needed replacing despite Les Schwab rotating and replacing two less than a year ago (the car is driven less than 5000 mls. per yr.) Additionally, scare tactics were used on my wife to replace the timing chain cover seal at a cost of $3050. Our certified mechanic later confirmed no such repair was necessary as the slight oil moisture on the seal was not alarming. It was also discovered that the plastic cover for the battery access hole was missing, and that the covering for the hydraulic hood support had been removed and left in the space below the wind screen wipers. That much smaller cover was retrieved and replaced by our mechanic. Their service manager later claimed they were one hundred percent sure they did not remove the missing cover despite the cleanliness of the channels indicating it had recently been in place. They offered 50% of the replacement cost, which was refused because we were not telling them 50% of the truth. They also for some unknown reason went in the glove compartment and triggered the valet switch which prevents the trunk from being opened. We will never ever again go there, or send friends, family and acquaintances there. Incidentally, it seems that if you do not exude wealth to them they treat you like chopped liver - the subtle message being you should not be driving a Lexus, forgetting that they themselves do not know what the word integrity means.

Kendall Lexus of Eugene - Eugene, OR

On 2/10/2018 11:17:13 AM jtwillia@earthlink.net wrote:
Fast and reliable service, vehicle was washed and cleaned inside...thanks for the quick service, will be returning for next service call, would recommend to others