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Kendall Lexus of Eugene
344 Goodpasture Island Rd
Eugene, OR 97401
(541) 683-5181
Kendall Lexus of Eugene Reviews

Kuni Lexus of Portland
8840 Southwest Canyon Road
Portland, OR 97225
(877) 420-4771
Kuni Lexus of Portland Reviews

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Kuni Lexus of Portland - Portland, OR

On 8/31/2014 7:23:42 PM CBas600 wrote:
The last time I had a buying experience that went as smoothly as this was ten years (and five cars) ago. I came to Kuni Lexus of Portland (KLP) after visiting and/or corresponding with three other dealerships as I searched for a very rare Lexus vehicle. Being on the east coast, I first tried to purchase the vehicle locally (relatively speaking - range of 200 to 800 miles away, depending on the dealership). Things did not work out with the other dealerships for various reasons; in some cases, the vehicles were not the right car for the price, and in one case, I was dealing with an ethically-challenged dealership. At that point, I decided to contact KLP about the vehicle advertised on their website, which I had seen before.

The responsiveness of the team at KLP was second to none. I was immediately contacted by Rob Bernardi, who was very professional and had great disposition and willingness to answer questions about the vehicle. Because he would be out of the office in the coming days, he promised that his colleague, Bergen Allee, would follow-up, and she did just that, exactly when promised. I continued to deal with Bergen thereafter, and found her to also be very professional, helpful and extremely easy to deal with throughout the negotiation process.

While negotiation techniques are pretty standard (i.e., we all read more or less the same negotiation books, take the same classes, etc.), I felt that we had a series of productive exchanges that led to a mutually-agreeable set of terms in a rational, data-driven manner. I find this noteworthy, because the last dealership I had dealt with played numerous games and did so quite sloppily. In contrast, both Bergen and Rob knew that I had done my research and treated me accordingly. In essence, as a buyer, I wanted a fair deal, and as sellers, I expected them to make a profit. This seems simple enough, yet it is amazing to see how many dealerships get this (and other "basics") wrong. Not this team.

Long story short, doing business with Kuni Lexus of Portland was a very positive experience. They were forthright about the condition of the vehicle, negotiated fairly and were also very fair on their trade-in allowance for my vehicle (which I shipped to them). The one thing I regret is not being able to take delivery in person (given the distance)!

Thank you again, Bergen and Rob! I love this car.

Kuni Lexus of Portland - Portland, OR

On 8/2/2014 9:51:44 AM pedroa wrote:
For an experienced ibuyer from Southern Oregon that shops vehicles on the net and buys every other year, Kuni Lexus is worth the short drive from Ashland to Portland. Brett Day's kind attention, the service manager's willingness to take ConsumerReports/Truecar seriously and a finance manager who skillfully explores price options will combine to make the trip north save you time and money. Whether you want a VW, BMW, Lexus or domestic, go north. Those of us who are in their sixties and seventies know better than to leave money on the table. You'll find the best selection and customer service that has been sharpened by stiff competition. America at its best.