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Dobbs Brothers Lexus
2711 S Mendenhall Rd
Memphis, TN 38115
(901) 362-8833
Dobbs Brothers Lexus Reviews

Lexus of Chattanooga
5800 Lee Hwy
Chattanooga, TN 37421
(423) 499-9095
Lexus of Chattanooga Reviews

Lexus of Cool Springs
1636 Westgate Circle
Brentwood, TN 37027
(615) 221-5000
Lexus of Cool Springs Reviews

Lexus of Kingsport
2527 E Stone Dr
Kingsport, TN 37660
(423) 224-2270
Lexus of Kingsport Reviews

Lexus of Knoxville
10315 Parkside Dr
Knoxville, TN 37922
(865) 218-1500
Lexus of Knoxville Reviews

Lexus of Memphis
2600 Ridgeway Road
Memphis, TN 38119
(901) 362-8833
Lexus of Memphis Reviews

Lexus of Nashville
2010 Rosa L. Parks Blvd.
Nashville, TN 37208
(615) 868-4400
Lexus of Nashville Reviews

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Lexus of Nashville - Nashville, TN

On 10/9/2015 10:19:22 AM davenjoyce2@yahoo.com wrote:
Traveling through Nashville when my LS began to misfire and then quit. I had it taken to Lexus of Nashville. Lexus charged $900 to replace 3 coil packs. They replaced the 8 month old, non Lexus branded coil packs and completely missed the Lexus branded but defective coil pack. They also discovered a very small leak in my radiator and quoted $1050 to replace the radiator. I declined the radiator fix and paid the $900 for the coils. I drove it 80 mi. home with no significant fluid loss. The car misfired and died again so clearly the coil packs that weren't the problem. I had the radiator replaced. The car wouldn't start at all. My mechanic discovered a broken wire and fixed it.
I asked Lexus of Nashville to at least refund the labor (and they really should refund the parts to because mine weren't defective).
Lexus of Nashville refused to Give any refund and their excuse was that since I didn't let them replace the radiator they couldn't thoroughly test their work.
They said the best they could do was to offer me a $250 discount toward future service.
My response was that even though I've had 6 LS sedans that I won't buy Lexus again.
I don't care how reliable and nice Lexus vehicles are, THEY ARE NO BETTER THAN THE DEALER THAT SERVICES THEM.
I've loved my Lexus over the years but am switching to Equus. The Equus dealers seem to be more motivated and actually care about their long time loyal customers.

Lexus of Nashville - Nashville, TN

On 10/1/2015 9:42:13 PM m_thomas9@yahoo.com wrote:
I highly recommend this dealership! I also HIGHLY recommend Pam Michaud! She is hands down the best sales associate that i have ever worked with. I will be telling everyone about her and the excellent service that i received. Julia Robertson in finance is fantastic as well.