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Larry H. Miller Lexus
5686 S State St.
Murray, UT 84107
(801) 264-3600
Larry H. Miller Lexus Reviews

Larry H. Miller Lexus of Lindon
544 S Lindon Park Drive
Lindon, UT 84042
(801) 227-3200
Larry H. Miller Lexus of Lindon Reviews

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Larry H. Miller Lexus of Lindon - Lindon, UT

On 6/15/2014 4:23:14 PM Kevinrmiller wrote:
My wife, Denise, brought our Lexus 450H SUV in for our maintenance/oil change and she was treated so courteously and professionally. You had also sent us a coupon for Spring cleaning for 139 dollars off so she chose to have that done as well. Kyle walked her out to the car at the end and treated her with such courtesy. When she got in the car she thought she had gotten in the wrong vehicle: it looked like new inside and out. The leather treatment and interior cleaning was unbelievable and the complete vacuuming and outside washing made our car feel and look like new. The coupon made it a particularly great deal and introduced us to this service which we did not know you had. My wife called me when I was out of town and raved about the experience and how she was treated. This really made up for some unhappy experiences we had three years ago with the service manager who was transferred or terminated. Your new team is top of the line and we are now very happy and loyal Lexus of Lindon customers. I teach customer loyalty workshops...loyal customers are much different than merely satisfied customers. You have made us loyal. Thank you.

Larry H. Miller Lexus of Lindon - Lindon, UT

On 6/13/2014 10:07:06 AM degraffsam wrote:
I have purchased five vehicles from this dealership (guess I'm a slow learner), and I have never had a good experience. I LOVE my Lexus RX 350, it is the perfect car for me, but sadly Miller has the corner on the Lexus dealerships in Utah. I pay cash for my vehicles and traded in my favorite most recent 2011 for a new 2013 because I was told the new model had the safety features I felt very important, and I wanted a heated steering wheel, which I was also informed was stock on this year's model. After sacrificing the color I wanted, the interior I preferred, etc., I drove it home somewhat pacified because the safety features would be there, specifically the "driver alert" (no one could actually give me the official name - so I call it drowsy driver alert). I could not find these features in the vehicle, so I returned to the dealership to inquire, and then the saga quickly turned sour. I had been informed by my salesman, Ken, the sales manager, Darrel (I believe), and another salesman that like the sedans and the larger SUV, these features were all included in "the safety package". After much scrambling and back pedaling, and finally meeting with Art, current site manager these astute salesmen discovered that not only does the RX 350 not have these features, but at this juncture there are no plans in the future to include them.

Art then informed me that my salesman informed me of this, and in the presence of my daughter, I had told him "it was not important". I have two children involved in separate roll-over car accidents as passengers when the driver went to sleep at the wheel and both were severely injured, requiring open brain surgery, one of whom is still severely handicapped and requires a permanent residential care facility. The only reason I considered the change, and the added expense, was these safety features which were represented to me to be included. It was at this point, after several discussions that Art told me I was a liar and informed me "this conversation is over, you can leave my office".

This is my fourth new Lexus, and I love the vehicle, but I certainly will never return to a dealership in Utah to be disrespected in this manner.