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Latest Lincoln Dealer Reviews

Landmark Ford Lincoln - Tigard, OR

On 2/13/2016 2:24:04 AM wrote:
Landmark ford has amazing service, friendly staff and they are incredibly helpful. Mike and James littleman helped me out of a tough situation and I am now driving a beautiful ford because of them. Definitely coming back and would recommend Landmark ford Lincoln in Tigard to anybody!

Pinicon Ford Lincoln-Mercury - Independence, IA

On 2/13/2016 2:07:14 AM wrote:
My wife and I bought a car from Pinicon in Independence, Iowa, but it wasn't until after we had signed the papers and handed them the check when they told us the transmission had recently been changed. They also told us it comes with a life time warranty. Needless to say we started having trouble with the transmission and the engine light was coming on within 6 months of buying the car, so we gave them a call and setup a time to bring it in. Once there we sat an waited for over an hour until the guy from the shop finally comes out to tell us it is a wire rubbing next to the transmission that is causing all the problems and it will take just a few minutes to fix. They fix the wire and then hands me a bill for $171.74 and tells me it is all labor charges. A wire the shop manager said would take just a few minutes to fix and should not have cost us one cent. They sold us a piece of crap and the service agreement for the life time transmission is a joke! I will never return to this dealership!