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Latest Lotus Dealer Reviews

Dimmitt Cadillac of St Petersburg, Aston Martin, Bentley, McLaren, Lotus, and Rolls Royce Tampa Bay - Pinellas Park, FL

On 9/3/2015 10:15:12 AM mcgmjs@msn.com wrote:
Purchased a new 15 SRX From this Dealership that I assumed was a "Customer Truthful" Dealership? The initial reaction on coming into the showroom, I should have had a "Red Flag" alert. Instead of Dealing with what I thought was a Saleswoman who I assumed was ethical, instead I felt later had a "USED CAR" flair of selling autos. Before I sat down to discuss my purchase I emphatically explained that If I purchase I wanted a "Professional Paint Sealer" applied to the vehicle .That Subject on my part was not a (Fleeting) topic, I had repeated myself over, and over. She stated "Yes" unequivocally every time she answered my queries. Wrote it onto her notes while asking my personal preferences on the vehicle I may be interested in.Purchased vehicle early August of 2015 ,and two weeks later inquired why She did not do as we discussed? Got nowhere with her. Unfortunately, she also gave me the wrong rims that I had picked out. She pleaded with me not to bring that up to her Boss, because she stated she did not make much money, and would get fired, so I acquiesced (heartstrings). Went to her manager(Don) and never heard from him.Looks like this is the last time for Dimmitt Cadillac for me......ps. Called GM to report...

Ferrari of Denver - Highlands Ranch, CO

On 8/24/2015 6:29:28 AM chqav8trx@yahoo.com wrote:
I have done business various times through out the last 5 years with this dealership. The service department gave me my car back with things taken out my my trunk and thrown (not placed in my front passenger seat area. A socket was still attached to my rear diffuser panel that rubbed the paint. When I brought it to their attention, the staff didnt even appoligize. What happened a quality check? The last time I purchased parts, I found the staff to be rude. Just to order floor mats and a front marker light, it took almost a week to get them to even order the part. So, expect a minimum of 2 weeks for a part. I was informed that if I wanted faster service to order my part I could go elsewhere. He informed me he was the only person that ordered parts, and he had a list of 20 people before me. Maybe another person to help would reduce the wait time for its customers? It's really unbelievable that a high end dealership treats me worse than the GMC dealer. Shouldn't it be the other way around?