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Latest MINI Dealer Reviews

Mini of St. Louis - Saint Louis, MO

On 7/24/2014 2:47:11 PM SamMonroe wrote:
This was my first time having my new MINI serviced. All of the people I dealt with were friendly and helpful. Dave and Rick took their time to listen to my questions and make sure all necessary maintenance was done. I met the Service Manager, Todd. He told me that if I thought of any other questions or concerns, to contact him. I haven't had this kind of service with any of my past vehicles. MINI owner for life.

Orlando Mini - Orlando, FL

On 7/24/2014 1:58:27 PM Firstjesse wrote:
First, if you are looking to buy a Mini, please reconsider. I have never owned a vehicle with more problems then the one I have. I genuinely wish that I had spoken to more people and done more research; I would not be in the stressful situation that I am now.
Second, if you do decide to get a Mini, consider taking it to another place for service because this place is awful. My mini breaks down about every 3-5 months so I have had to come often to their service department. I always walk out with the problem temporarily fixed or not fixed at all. How does a professional look you in the face and say "I don't know why you lost pressure in your brakes and half the fluid is gone but it seems fine now; just come back if it happens again." Seriously? I DONT KNOW. It's a phrase that rolls off easily for them. Like when they told me I don't know why your windshield had that huge crack in it or I don't know how those grease and scratch marks that from one end of the bumper to other... Is there any way I could pick up my car and it NOT be in worst condition then when I left it? I DONT KNOW.