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BMW and MINI of South Atlanta
4171 Jonesboro Rd
Union City, GA 30291
(770) 969-0755
BMW and MINI of South Atlanta Reviews

Global Imports MINI
5925 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard
Atlanta, GA 30341
(800) 351-7443
Global Imports MINI Reviews

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Global Imports MINI - Atlanta, GA

On 8/21/2014 10:31:41 AM myminiclubman wrote:
Global Import Mini does not fail to DISAPPOINT, I called the part dept for a new battery for 08 Clubman, the guy put me on hold as soon as he answered the phone, he finally came back and I told him I needed a battery, he asked me for the Amp hour and cold crank Amps, he gave me a price of $235. I asked him what the group size and if it was AGM battery. He said he did not know what AGM battery was and since the spec on the screen did not indicate it No CLUE. No effort to ask or look for the information. I called different Mini Dealer and this is what they told me. If the battery is 70ah/570 CCA the battery group size is H6/48 which is used in the BMW 1 series but if go to other part store and look up the battery it will show H5/47 @ 60ahr group which is smaller than the my original that was in my 08 Clubman.

Disappointing - Called Jamey Holt based on response posted, basically he apologized and he would let the service team know. My service adviser was Chris Margret. No resolution to the issue, if they really wanted to resolve this issue they could have contacted me directly not just post a response - they were not expecting any one to call based on the response. Before you buy a Mini check out the service, they will promising the world and their service reps go above and beyond to promise that they will take care of any issue but when they really need to back up their promise just hollow promises. Talking to other Mini Owner - Top answers they will give you for rough idle - You’re not using tier 1 gas, Carbon buildup on intake Manifold, Fuel Injectors needs cleaning. My Problem was a Faulty Fuel Pump that is on a Recall not Carbon build up on intake manifold. $700 for repair that was not needed. He Agreed that they should have tried the fuel pump first instead of doing the carbon cleaning on the manifold ( Big Profit Margin). Get a Second Opinion

I have been taking my mini to be serviced to Global Import Mini since I bought the car in 2008. They lost my trust today, last month I brought my mini in for a check engine light (I checked the code and it was for an engine misfire) and a coolant leak. I was told that the water pump was bad and the check engine light was due to Carbon build up on the intake manifold. I told them I just had the carbon build up cleaned 30k miles ago. I was questioning the carbon buildup diagnosis of issues with the mini cooper since it was cleaned by them. I had them fix the issue at a cost of $700 per item for repair. This is a known issue due to the Design of the engine where the oil vapors are recirculated through the intake manifold and direct fuel injection system does not wash over the intake valves to keep them clean of deposits and the turbo models are worst about this. I checked with other mini owners and Carbon build up does happen but not every 30k miles. They told me they found a code in the on-board diagnostic for fuel pump and they were going to be replaced it to be on the safe side and it was covered under the warranty. Wow that was nice of them so I thought. This is where they lost my trust and I have to question everything now. I found out today that there was a recall on the fuel pump and all the symptoms I was having was due to the fuel pump and not carbon build up. It’s a shame that they would tack on service just to make a sales quota. I just had the mini in for a scheduled maintenance and they did not address the recall on the fuel pump, the recall on for the fuel pump was already published at that time. I got the same line about it was the gasoline issue that it was not 3 tier fuel. I use nothing but premium from QT or Exxon. It’s ironic that when the car was under warranty they just did the minimum work but once out of warranty all there are all kinds of services required. Warranty work is not as profitable as regular service but push service that may not be required to make sales quota. They lost my trust. I will have to find another place for service.

Global Imports MINI - Atlanta, GA

On 8/11/2014 9:40:37 PM tahirihtandeka wrote:
I went to this dealership to test drive a MINI, and was impressed by the salesman. Sergei was attentive and very knowledgeable. He drives a MINI himself, and his passion for the brand is clear and comforting. If you are thinking about buying a MINI go into Global Imports and ask for Sergei. :]