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BMW and MINI of South Atlanta
4171 Jonesboro Rd
Union City, GA 30291
(770) 969-0755
BMW and MINI of South Atlanta Reviews

Global Imports MINI
5925 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard
Atlanta, GA 30341
(800) 351-7443
Global Imports MINI Reviews

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BMW and MINI of South Atlanta - Union City, GA

On 7/1/2015 6:45:29 AM wrote:
My wife and I purchased our brand new 2015 BMW X3 yesterday. After much research of all the dealers in metro Atlanta, we know we made the right choice and right person. Compared to all of our other car buying experiences, it was the most effortless process, no haggling and our family needs were met. I highly recommend Will Pinckney.

BMW and MINI of South Atlanta - Union City, GA

On 6/16/2015 4:38:32 PM wrote:
I probably will never in my life go back to this location. I had Wadette Bradford who did not have complete knowledge of her job. After arriving around 8:00 am that Friday morning being sent from Carmax to take my car to the dealership because I have a warranty, I was told to let them know what was going on, which I did, I was told a diagnostics would be done and it would take up to two hours, I agreed. After time had went by and I'm noticing its around 1:00 pm and getting a bit busier and I was still waiting around . I've brought my car here before and knew the drill and that they would set me up in a rental. I went to Bradford and as stated it had gotten a little busy so I asked her what was I waiting on and she stated about the two hour diagnostics and since I'm waiting she assumed I was getting my maxcare contract id number...from previous experience that was never my job. I called Carmax service rep Kendall Baker and once I told him what she told me he even stated "Its her job to call maxcare and make the claim" long story short he told me to go to Bryce, from there Bryce got in contact with maxcare and as I was listening to all the information he gave them there was no way I could've called them and gave him part numbers etc...With my warranty I have a $300 deductible which I know I have to pay because I go to BMW for service instead of Carmax, after a two days go by Bradford emails me to tell me I would have to pay $664 instead $300 because of labor fee and shop fees. They cleared me for a 7 day rental, Bmw didn't start working on my car until the week after I dropped my car off so my warranty company had to extend it to 10 days max which still wasn't enough because I had to get an additional day. After being so fed up and going back and forth for a week, I went to see the manager Ed Raster to be told... "Oh, we never charge maxcare customers labor and shop fees" I asked why would your adviser even tell me that? or calculate that into what needed to be done if its something everyone knows apparently. He stated "Yeah, we still have some work to do on her" I felt like I was getting ripped off and no one was trying to help with anything. The more money you spend the better with these people. Bradford did not want to deal with me the quicker I was out of her face the better. She had the phoniest friendly customer service ever. Maybe because I told her it wasn't my job to do what she had to do, once Bryce called her into the office and got both side and it boiled down to it was too busy and she couldn't handle the pressure! SHE EMAILED ME EVERY SINGLE TIME. She called me twice! One to make sure I understood what they WEREN'T going to do to my car and the second time to let me know my car was ready. If any parts had to be ordered I found out from maxcare not bmw until I had to contact Bradford about the rental days about to run out and she again told me she couldn't help me I'd have to call enterprise and/or maxcare for any extra days. If I had been verbally kept up to date and had been given accurate days on when my car would have been done it would've been a smooth process, but when you have to call around and try to get things done without knowing when your car would be ready it becomes frustrating. I didn't leave that dealership until after 2:30pm, Very unprofessional and I'm still upset and do not appreciate how I was handled. Maybe because I got my car from Carmax. Not to mention the lighters I had sitting in my car all ended up busted with pieces in my cigarette lighter and all smashed under my arm rest...smh