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BMW and MINI of South Atlanta
4171 Jonesboro Rd
Union City, GA 30291
(770) 969-0755
BMW and MINI of South Atlanta Reviews

Global Imports MINI
5925 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard
Atlanta, GA 30341
(800) 351-7443
Global Imports MINI Reviews

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BMW and MINI of South Atlanta - Union City, GA

On 5/6/2015 3:41:26 PM wrote:
In Sep. 2014 I purchased a ‘15 328d and shortly after began having a recurring issue with the engine light coming on. After 3 service visits, including one that lasted over a month, the dealership believed they resolved the issue (exhaust issue), but nonetheless offered to trade my car for a new one (if you use BMW of S. ATL for service, Brice was great to work with and even made sure a loaner vehicle was made available on short notice). What I appreciated more was that they were willing to trade me up to a Sport Wagon with a couple extra options, which was more expensive. I knew they were doing this to avoid a lemon law case, but I was very impressed by the dealership being proactive and offering more than what a lemon law trade would give me. I ordered the vehicle and waited. While I waited, I sent a few emails to the sales manager (Tanzir Rafi) reconfirming the transaction would cost me nothing and he went as far as confirming the deal was “designed to cost me nothing”. In the middle of April, I received word from Tanzir that the vehicle had arrived and I arranged a time to come in. When I arrived I was surprised that the deal was not in fact going to “cost me nothing”, but it would cost me $1600 in taxes. Being reasonable, I asked them to bring the amount down as I had expectations of the transaction being free and they came back with $1000, which I agreed was fine. Before he left, I asked to confirm the amount they were financing was my payoff amount for my old car, ensuring the deal would cost me just the $1k and he replied that the amount was $2000 more than what I had remembered my payoff being, but I brushed it off as me not remembering exactly. While he was away doing some paper work, I decided to look up the exact amount of my current cars payoff and found that it was in fact the original amount I thought it was. The obvious thought going through my mind was that the dealership was trying to squeeze an extra $2k out of me by being tricky with the financing, so I asked Tanzir about this and he told me “BMW of NA was only willing to refinance the vehicle at the originally financed amount and not the current payoff amount”. To this day, nothing he said about that difference makes any sense to me and I honestly believe he was trying to hide what he was trying to do (get an extra $2k out of me in a deceptive way). I explained numerous times that it made no sense for BMW of NA to do that because it was my money that I had already put into the vehicle, but I eventually dropped it because I was going nowhere. With the transaction now costing over $3k (and BMW of NA apparently writing a check for $11.5k) and me now feeling like something odd was going on, I decided to go. Before leaving Tanzir offered to talk once again with BMW of NA and work on getting the cost to me down. Displeased with how my experience went and feeling that there was something odd going on, I contacted BMW of NA (who were fantastic by the way) and they agreed that it seemed odd, but requested I attempt to work out the transaction with the dealer and keep them posted on the outcome, also offering to help if I wasn’t able to come to an agreement. The next day was quite the shocker when I talked with Tanzir and the new offer created a cost to me of over $10k. What was interesting about this, was Tanzir said that BMW of NA was the one changing the deal and basically told me we asked for too much and they came back with this crazy deal. I was totally shocked and after talking to Tanzir and asking him repeatedly how the deal could get worse, he offered to resubmit the original paperwork and request the original offer. At this point, the “good dead” they were doing was gone and this transaction became a stress point for me, but had I not had the original issues, this deal would have still made for a positive financial transaction for me so I told him to resubmit. After 5 days (including a weekend) they came back and offered a cost of $2600 (BMW of NA paying $14,950) so I went in and signed the paperwork. 2 more things disappointed me about that day. One, Tanzir never left his office to come and talk to me and had me work with one of his sales people (John, who was very polite). And two, my original car came with rubber mats which I asked to trade for a new set for the new car (thinking it was one last shot to see if they really did care about me and wanted to make up for my issues) and received one word “no”. All in all, from my perspective, I was stressed and disappointed in how they handled my situation and I believe BMW of S. ATL worked the deal so they would make money, but I can’t confirm that so I will simply offer the facts (MSRP of new car: $53.9k, car I traded, KBB trade $38k):

1. First transaction offered was about $3.7k cost to me and included the original $11.5kish from BMW of NA. $1.7k in taxes, $2k more in financing balance and the $11.5k from BMW NA means the total cost of the new car was $51.2k (or $49.5kish minus tax). Included in the deal was also a $599 documentation fee…really? Pretty sure the dealer would make money by getting $49.5k for the new car (-$4.4k from MSRP) and on my trade, which they gave me $35.8k, they will likely make money as they are now selling it for $43k.

2. Same transaction as the last one except the gave me about $700 back in value…did they drop the dealer fee?

3. For the actual transaction I have all the details and I will let you be the judge on whether or not they made money. They were selling me the new car at $49,825 and gave me $34,150 for the trade (less than last time) for a difference of $15,675. Add in $710 of dealer fees and $1,139 in taxes and we are at a net of $17,524. With BMW of NA now writing them a check for $14,950, I would owe about $2,600. So they took my car on a trade for $34,150 and are selling it now for $42,988 (nice margin!) and sold me the new car for $4,075 off MSRP, which BTW, I got more than that when I negotiated for my original cars price and that was an ordered car!

I honestly would love to see BMW of S. Atlanta do what’s right, own up to how bad this all went and make things right with me, but I am pretty sure that will never happen. I am of course going to cover all this with BMW of NA, because they should know the details and I am sure they wouldn't approve. At this point, given so many odd things went on, the numbers I listed above and with BMW of S. ATL saying they made no money, I can’t in my right mind tell anyone to buy a car there. I highly recommend you avoid using this dealership.

BMW and MINI of South Atlanta - Union City, GA

On 3/28/2015 8:30:09 AM wrote:
My family was in the market for a Mini Countryman and this dealership had one with all the options that we wanted. Talked to the salesman on the phone and they said that they would hold the car for us so no one would be able to purchase the car while we are making the hour and half drive to the dealership. When we arrived we looked at the car and decided that we wanted to purchase the vehicle. After spending two hours filling out paperwork and going over the details of the warranty we were told that the car was just sold. The whole time we were dealing with our salesman another salesman was selling the car to another couple. When asked to speak with the General Manager and we were told that he just left for the day. Even the used car manager would not leave his glass office to bring us this news. The news was given to us by our salesman, who was used as their escape goat. John our salesman by the way was awesome. So the only manager that was willing to talk to us was the finance manager. His best answer for wasting six hours of my families time was " Nothing personal, it is just business!" If you are in the market for a BMW or a Mini and wanting the ultimate driving experience, I would drive the extra 30 mins to North Atlanta. BMW of South Atlanta may sell the Ultimate Driving experience but their customer service and the way they conduct business is broken down on the side of the Autobahn.