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Babbitt Ford Lincoln
11 North Verde Street
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
(888) 878-5909
Babbitt Ford Lincoln Reviews

Bill Alexander Ford Lincoln Mercury
801 East 32nd St
Yuma, AZ 85365
(928) 344-2200
Bill Alexander Ford Lincoln Mercury Reviews

Bradley Ford Lincoln Mercury
1690 Industrial Boulevard
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403
(888) 878-7043
Bradley Ford Lincoln Mercury Reviews

Freedom Ford Lincoln
2161 W Highway 70
Thatcher, AZ 85552
(888) 878-6023
Freedom Ford Lincoln Reviews

Galpin Ford, Inc.
1000 Sandretto Dr
Prescott, AZ 86305
(888) 540-4333
Galpin Ford, Inc. Reviews

Glenn Jones Ford Buick GMC
1932 N Pinal Ave
Casa Grande, AZ 85222
(800) 659-3943
Glenn Jones Ford Buick GMC Reviews

Horne Ford of Nogales, LLC
1777 North Grand Avenue
Nogales, AZ 85621
(888) 492-7011
Horne Ford of Nogales, LLC Reviews

Jones Auto Center
781 West Wickenburg Way
Wickenburg, AZ 85390
(800) 916-3431
Jones Auto Center Reviews

Lawley Team Ford Lincoln Mercury Kia
100 N Hwy 90
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635
(888) 874-9117
Lawley Team Ford Lincoln Mercury Kia Reviews

McSpadden Ford Inc
750 N Broad St
Globe, AZ 85501
(800) 278-1897
McSpadden Ford Inc Reviews

Parker Motor Co Inc
920 West Arizona Avenue
Parker, AZ 85344
(928) 669-2291
Parker Motor Co Inc Reviews

Sanderson Lincoln Mercury
2121 W Bell Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85023
(866) 798-0564
Sanderson Lincoln Mercury Reviews

Steve Coury Ford Lincoln Mercury
5980 Coury Drive
Cottonwood, AZ 86326
(928) 634-2291
Steve Coury Ford Lincoln Mercury Reviews

Tate's East Valley Ford-Mercury
296 North Arizona Boulevard
Coolidge, AZ 85228
(877) 482-8379
Tate's East Valley Ford-Mercury Reviews

Latest Arizona Mercury Dealer Reviews

Glenn Jones Ford Buick GMC - Casa Grande, AZ

On 2/2/2017 9:49:41 PM wrote:
These guys sure know Arizona Case Law when dealing with old person alone, from out of state. I reported case to Attorney General of Arizona. If you are swindled by jones advise Attorney General, they are keeping track of complaints. If you have problems, don't deal with them at all. They gave a string of tactics, designed to keep it out of court until 1 year statute of limitations. Any thing you sign. you should have an attorney preview. They make you responsible for everything after you sign. Apparantly they have religious predisposing influences. Ask around at auto repair shops in Casa grande. They will say the same thing.

Their service department does not have Ford Instrumentation.

Etc etc

Look around before you buy a car, there are reputable dealers out there.

Jones Auto Center - Wickenburg, AZ

On 1/26/2017 5:46:58 AM wrote:
My wife and I visited Jones Automotive in Wickenburg today to take a look at a used Honda CR-V. To begin, we had one of the best customer service experiences with Kelly, the contact for USAA members (we were searching through their used car buying program), and Brett, our salesman.

Kelly was extremely friendly and reached out personally to schedule an appointment after I contacted her about coming to see the car at around 10pm two days prior.
Brett was very kind and not once pressured us into considering another vehicle or making a purchase we didn't want to make. As a young family with a pregnant wife and a husband who's currently working and finishing a degree, we were looking for something within our price range with little to no hassle. While these two both demonstrated superb customer service, we had some issues with the dealership, as well as extremely poor experiences with the management.

When we arrived to look at the vehicle the CR-V had already been pulled to the front of the lot with keys in the ignition. Our salesman, Brett, greeted us politely at the door, and showed us to the car. However, when we opened the doors to the vehicle it was immediately evident that it had previously been owned by a smoker since it reeked of cigarette smoke and had multiple gashes and holes in the seats where somebody had put out a lit cigarette.

There had been no notice on the dealership's website that the car had been previously owned by a smoker, nor that it had extensive interior and sun damage. The window seals were rotted out, and there was scratch marks and holes in the front and back seats from cigarettes and what appeared to be dogs. As someone with a pregnant wife, there was no way we'd drive the vehicle off the lot while it reeked so badly, especially for the safety of our soon to arrive child.

A mild inconvenience, but the dealership offered services to ionize-clean the car, so we weren't ready to write off the purchase just yet, especially after the 1 hour drive.

After returning from our test drive we were given a quote for $10,100 out the door before factoring in any extended warranty. This seemed like quite a jump from the $8,450 listed online, and took us by surprise since we were attempting to make a cash purchase. However, we went back and forth on prices and I broached the fact that the car had significant interior damage as a reason to bring down the vehicle's price. Ultimately we offered $8,000 out the door with the inclusion of an extended warranty for 3 years.

By the end of the negotations before lunch management was unwilling to shave off any more than $200 from the final asking price. When we returned we had a short discussion and made our last conditional offer. My wife and Kelly had stepped out while the salesman spoke with his manager. The conversation I overhead was infuriating, condescending, and outright rude.

Our salesman was told that it wasn't his job to negotiate or try to take offers from the customers, but that his job was simply to, more or less regurgitate the price that they'd given him. He continued to lay into the worker in the middle of the showroom floor, only to then begin demeaning my wife and I. He began talking about what an "opportunity" we had to purchase the car, and insinuated that we were "too dumb to understand" and needed the prices laid out for us, all the while getting even louder. His charged words directed at both Brett, and my wife and I were clearly audible to anyone who would be in the main showroom area.

When Brett returned, the manager had the gall to try and say we were getting a bargain because they'd lowered the price to $8,495 from the "MSRP Price". We were told repeatedly that the online price was already a deal, when in actuality a simple search on Kelly Blue Book would reveal that $8,495 is just shy of the "True Market Value" listed for the vehicle in its condition with its current mileage. What they were listing as the current market value was not the cost of a used Honda CR-V, but what I can only assume would be the cost for a BRAND NEW 2007 Honda CR-V LX. We were extremely frustrated, and confused as to why they'd try to charge so much money for something that clearly is marketed at a lower cost in "like new" condition.

Then, you add on the fact that the car had a serious need for repairs and cleaning. Three of the windows had peeling tint, to remove the smoke damage would be near impossible without completely reupholstering the car, and almost every window seal needed to be replaced. That's not to mention the cosmetic damage on the interior and exterior from faded paint and scratch marks (presumably from the prior owner's dogs) that we overlooked. Yet they STILL wanted to charge us the full amount for the vehicle.

Unless such issues are addressed, Jones will continue to lose out on customers looking for a small dealership with a "big heart", just as they advertise themselves to be. We'll likely never do business with them again.