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Denver Suzuki
2500 West 104th Avenue
Denver, CO 80249
(303) 404-6500
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Denver Suzuki - Denver, CO

On 6/27/2013 10:48:16 AM JenniferMorganOsborn wrote:
We knew a used car would be a risk, and figured (assumed) we would put $1000 into it to make it all good (at most).... based on when the salesman Micheal says "the mechanic says it is mechanically sound or else we wouldn't keep it on our lot", so a good person tends to take someone on his word at that point. One week later and only 97 miles after purchase, the check engine light came on and our mechanic says it needs $3500 worth of work and was 2 quarts low on oil. My husband called to see if the dealer would make it right, and their salesman manager says, "Warranty is as is- sorry. you signed paperwork when you bought it." I don;t know why the saleman said that too you. Our mechanic has worked here on and off for 12 years...blah blah blah..." Point is there was no effort on this dealership to even help us. they recognized that the car had been traded in and had not been looked over well by their mechanic..... but at the end of the transaction, they left us out to dry, on our own, and offered zero reconciliation.. Get your used car checked over by your own mechanic before buying from this dealer.... please. We were offered an oil change after the sale as they recognized they hadn't gotten to the care/maintenance they usually provide for their vehicles. We heard the sob story how this dealership is owned by an independent owner and not a conglomerate, but it operates the same way. Don't be fooled. If you buy a car, make sure to get a second opinion, because the arbitrator option is a pain in the ass! Do not trust these people at face value!

Denver Suzuki - Denver, CO

On 5/9/2013 8:38:02 PM lschievelbein wrote:
I bought two suzuki's here and decided to trade one in on a truck. When I cancelled my warranty within the contractual period, these guys refused to give me my money back. Now we will end up in court. It turns out that the warranty was bogus anyway. The warranty company only performs the administration and the dealer carries the remainder of the 1700.00 warranty. The owner is a Jerk now we will be going to court. Buyer beware and under no circumstance should you buy their bogus warranty or any cars from this dealership. Steer clear of this dealership they have absolutely no ethics.