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Jim Marsh Suzuki Kia
8555 W. Centennial Parkway
Las Vegas, NV 89149
(702) 946-1000
Jim Marsh Suzuki Kia Reviews

Lithia Suzuki of Sparks
40 Victorian Square
Sparks, NV 89431
(775) 742-4774
Lithia Suzuki of Sparks Reviews

Peoples Suzuki
6501 Centennial Center Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89149
(702) 784-1111
Peoples Suzuki Reviews

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Jim Marsh Suzuki Kia - Las Vegas, NV

On 4/2/2015 8:22:15 PM wrote:
I bought a new car from Jim Marsh Kia back in Nov. I negotiated a price (not monthly payment) for the car that I was happy with. Ahmed (on of the sales manager) spent an hour trying to sell me a warranty, and even printed a sales receipt showing me the cost. (of course the monthly payment went up) I explained that I didn't want a warranty. He then printed the receipt that he claims I agreed to. He tells me to initial here and sign here. (He doesn't bother going threw the contract with me) I asked what was this $1,465.00 for? (It wasn't on the first receipt.) He said, "That's what you agreed to. You didn't want the warranty, so that's what you agreed to!" Instead of looking at the final cost, I looked at the monthly payment. (it was the same) I signed the form, not knowing that it was not the primary agreement. (I should know better) When I got home, I looked at ALL the paper work. Sure enough, the $1,465.00 was for a "Polysteel" kit/warranty and nitro. (non-cancelable) I contacted Jim Marsh Kia the next morning, and was told to come in the next day to talk to Ahmed. I tried to get the $1465.00 back, and even tried to return the car. They said all they could do was give me a 3yr maintenance package. If that wasn't enough... Warren (Sales Manager) told me he would pay for the registration. I never got it. The window tint was torn when I bought the car. They said they would fix it. I had to take it back twice, and it still has bubbles in the tint. On top of all that, I found out my NEW car doesn't have a SPARE TIRE! Over the next few months I tried contacting different people to get my money back, spare tire, or even the registration fee. I made approximately 20 calls to Jim Marsh Kia, and they all said they would call me back. Only 2 people called me back. (One was to tell me he is no longer a manager, but he would pass on the information.) I tried twice to make an appointment with the GM. They never would make an appointment. They said I could leave a message, or next time I'm there I could just ask for him. He didn't respond to my 1st message. On two different occasions I asked for him, but he was not in yet. I left messages both times. He finally called me the last time, but I wasn't home. I was still driving home from the dealership. Once home, I called him back, and left another message. No return phone call. I tried making another appointment. I was told by Kristina (I believe she is his secretary) that I would have an appointment with her, and she will cancel the warranty. I went to the appointment to be told the warranty could not be canceled. The only thing she could do was give me a "good will" amount of $300.00. I tried again to get a spare tire, but she said they couldn't do that. I could use the money to purchase the spare tire. I took the money and RAN!!!! I would NEVER recommend Jim Marsh Kia to anyone!!!

Jim Marsh Suzuki Kia - Las Vegas, NV

On 11/23/2014 1:24:14 AM boltfan74 wrote:
After trying to get issues resolved through traditional methods, phone calls, visits, I took to social media to voice my final concerns. Received a reply to my concerns from the GM, Allen Yarborough. An invitation to speak directly with him.

Long story short, Mr. Yarborough has some serious anger issues. He was extremely angry I had the audacity to call Kia Consumer Affairs when he wouldn't return my calls (mind you, we hadn't yet spoke, and he asked me to call him). This man is a bully, pure and simple. I went to his office with an idea and he shouted at me, constantly interrupting. This man is a dinosaur. He had a golden opportunity to move me from a detractor to at least someone with a more passive opinion. Heck, had he ever tried to act like he had the smallest interest in helping rather than leading with his anger I might have even become a promoter. I love my car, I think my sales guy Warren was a nice enough guy. But their back end, their TCB skills, and their leadership is horrible.