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Jim Marsh Suzuki Kia
8555 W. Centennial Parkway
Las Vegas, NV 89149
(702) 946-1000
Jim Marsh Suzuki Kia Reviews

Lithia Suzuki of Sparks
40 Victorian Square
Sparks, NV 89431
(775) 742-4774
Lithia Suzuki of Sparks Reviews

Peoples Suzuki
6501 Centennial Center Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89149
(702) 784-1111
Peoples Suzuki Reviews

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Jim Marsh Suzuki Kia - Las Vegas, NV

On 8/13/2013 11:10:22 AM tjverdino wrote:
I brought my car into service here after it only having 35,000 miles. It was having issues with the transmission. I left it with the dealer on Saturday. The advisor Todd told me that if it might have to stay until Monday. I told him I needed the car to get to work. He said he would call me if it was going to have to stay until Monday. Never heard from him called to find out that they closed at 2pm. Tried calling many times Monday morning at 7:15 when they opened at 7 and the recording kept saying they were closed. I finally found a ride up there to hear that my car was in with the transmission guy. That they were waiting to hear from Kia engineering. They would not give me a rental or loaners because Kia doesn’t’t offer that. Then they offered me to drive my own car and they would car me when they heard back from Kia engineering. I didn't hear back from them so on Wednesday I called Kia customer service and they told me that would contact the dealership and let me know. On Thursday I called Todd and left him a message and never heard back from him. I then called the service manager Bryan and left him a message and never heard back from him. I then finally heard back from Kia customer service at 3pm on Friday. They told me that the dealership was waiting for me to bring the car back so that they could find out what is wrong with it. Also that if I wanted a rental car I would have to be at the dealership. I then left work early to drive 30 minutes to the dealership. When I got there they again told me that they don't offer rental cars unless I paid for it. I called customer service back and they spoke with the dealership and then they told me that they were going to contact their district manager. They came out about 15 minutes later saying that they would not approve it because they had enough time to look at it. Then Todd tried telling me that I didn't bring it into the dealership until 1pm on Saturday when I actually have to witnesses that picked me up from the dealership at 745 am. Then Todd told me that he never said he was waiting to hear back from Kia. Now after leaving it there all day they called me at 3pm and told me that its having an issue with the transmission and that they are almost sure that they will have to replace the transmission, but before the determine that I have to pay 189 dollars to have the transmission serviced. But that can’t guarantee me that is the problem. They will also not refund my money if that doesn't solve the problem. They don't want to help me and they dint want to fix my car when it is clearly a problem that should be fixed by the warranty. I would not recommend this dealership to anyone for service. I can’t comment on the sales department but SERVICE DEPARTMENT IS TERRIBLE. All I wanted was my car to be fixed after I purchased it new from Kia or give me transportation so I can get to and from work.

Lithia Suzuki of Sparks - Sparks, NV

On 11/14/2006 4:39:10 PM Zukirhatt wrote:
I was searching for a new vehicle and looked at many different dealerships, when I E-mailed Litha they set up a time I could come in and look at a wagon with in less than an hour I drove out with my great new car.... I would recommend this dealership to any one who does not want to be hunted, as so many other dealers do... My experience was and still is great...I will be buying another Suzuki soon and will return to this dealership for the next new car...