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AutoNation Toyota Scion Las Vegas
6400 West Sahara Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89146
(702) 871-4111
AutoNation Toyota Scion Las Vegas Reviews

Carson City Toyota
3659 S. Carson St.
Carson City, NV 89701
(888) 283-1899
Carson City Toyota Reviews

Centennial Toyota
6551 Centennial Center Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89149
(800) 608-6231
Centennial Toyota Reviews

David Wilson's Toyota of Las Vegas
3255 E Sahara
Las Vegas, NV 89104
(702) 457-2000
David Wilson's Toyota of Las Vegas Reviews

Dolan Toyota Scion
2100 Kietzke Ln
Reno, NV 89502
(775) 826-2750
Dolan Toyota Scion Reviews

Fallon Auto Mall
1351 W Williams Ave
Fallon, NV 89406
(775) 423-2171
Fallon Auto Mall Reviews

Findlay Toyota Scion Henderson
7733 Eastgate Road
Henderson, NV 89011
(702) 566-2573
Findlay Toyota Scion Henderson Reviews

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Centennial Toyota - Las Vegas, NV

On 8/26/2014 12:33:37 AM djms wrote:
While I think the Service Department at Centennial Toyota does work above and beyond any Service Department in the Valley, I would highly recommend against anyone buying from the Sales Team.

In brief, they are not professional, they are poorly trained, have poor customer service and communication skills and run some boarder-line scams if you are tentative enough to notice. Having bought four vehicles in the last eight years, I would recommend Findlay first or Desert secondarily far over Centennial Toyota. The Managers and Assistant Managers seem to have the customer service and efficiency I expect, but the training and communication stops there and please don’t try to get anyone on the sales team below that level to try to explain any part of the process or the agreements.
I have never experienced a dealership behave so unprofessionally. The salesman assigned to me talked to me like a child and lectured me when the process started to fail on his end. The vehicle I was purchasing wasn’t secured and at one point and time the dealership explored the possibility it was stolen and called me (I had picked the vehicle up and it was in my possession thankfully). Another representative got upset because I called to check on the status of the vehicle and accidentally stated her contempt of this while on speaker phone with the salesperson. My finance paperwork had to be redone several times and this is where you must USE CAUTION. They attempted to give me a much higher rate than discussed, and I have excellent credit, with longer terms than discussed and also they charge everybody for VIN etching which they claim helps identify stolen vehicles. The charge, which they say you must pay, but nobody I encountered could explain, is $199. You can do this yourself for around $25 and oftentimes insurance companies offer it for free. Another hint, your VIN is stamped in multiple locations on your vehicle where thieves cannot remove it. The rub on this is that this vehicle was previously purchased at Centennial, so the person who bought it before paid the same fee for something I didn’t want and then they charged me for something that was already done! Towards the end of the experience I was cold, demanding and wouldn’t compromise (and got my own financing) and finally got things done, but it wasn’t pleasant for me nor for the staff who hadn’t the training or skills to deal with a customer who was demanding and fed-up the tactics they had been taught to utilize. I’ve left shaking hands and satisfied every other time I have bought a vehicle.
This dealership uses tactics that are the nightmare tactics you hear of in car buying experiences, unless you are very car-buying savvy and detail oriented in reading every letter of the agreement then don’t waste your time when we have so many other dealerships in town with people who care about their customers.

Dolan Toyota Scion - Reno, NV

On 8/19/2014 6:46:09 PM R. Beye wrote:
Beth Pollard and all the staff were very helpful and courteous when I purchased my new 4-Runner.
I have been back once and probably will be again to help with the radio and navigation. Had an interesting experience with a tire and It was solved in the same day by Jeremy Sinner . He was very helpful as were all the staff. R. Beye, M.D.