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Latest Yamaha Dealer Reviews

Kevin Powell Motorsports - Winston-Salem, NC

On 6/27/2017 2:01:32 PM sandykync2000@yahoo.com wrote:
Had the car less than two weeks, just purchase a new battery and there is something wrong with the tire, LIED said the battery was fine!!! but it wasn't!!! I had to miss work today lost 150 bucks plus 140 for the battery not to mention the tire! I bought the car because my old one I was old, worried about missing work. Having serious regret issues! and YES I understand what as is mean but when the have to jump start the car for you to drive it and then jump start it when I left smh, I ask them, point blank right is there something wrong with it, OH NO they said it's just been sitting! It started fine for a 10 day and then this morning dead dead dead, smh!! Well, tell you one thing all three guys at the auto store said you NEVER go there! but the every person I talk to and the ask me how I like the new car will get the message but I guess, 140 bucks is worth losing business over!

Kevin Powell Motorsports - Winston-Salem, NC

On 6/24/2017 6:42:55 AM 68sampson@gmail.com wrote:
I kept getting phone calls saying we can put you on the bike you want so I took time to travel 65 miles to the dealership an get up their they could not do nothing for me the salesmen did not no anything about the bikes he cannot approve You unless you have perfect credit so the ads are a lie to