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Latest Yamaha Dealer Reviews

Kevin Powell Motorsports - Winston-Salem, NC

On 1/28/2015 7:42:12 PM lebeaufamily2014@yahoo.com wrote:
We have had the worst experience of customer service and buying something in our life at Kevin Powell Motorsports. It started when we brought a 4 wheeler a few months ago. The 4 wheeler came with a 6 month factory warranty, I wasn’t interest in buying a $6,000 with no better coverage than that so the sale me told me about this warranty we could buy, and it would cover the 4 wheeler for the life of the loan 60 months. It would bring our payment to $200 per month for the 4 wheeler and $40 per month for the insurance. I was ok with the payment knowing that the 4 wheeler was covered for a long as we were making payments.
1st issue:
Then I started looking at our first and second bill, something was not right. After multiple phone calls and talking to countless people at both the finance company and Kevin Powell turns out we were misled. The insurance would take us 12 years to pay off, apparently it was separate with an outrageous interest rate! I have been over and over our paperwork and nowhere is this mentioned and the sales man by no mean explained this to us. He told us it was for the life of the loan 60 months and both the 4 wheeler and insurance would be paid off. They let us cancel the insurance but now we have a 4 wheeler with no insurance past the 6 month factory warranty that we would NOT have brought had we not been lied too. When Kevin Powell’s commercials say they will do anything to make a sale, he is point on. They will lie, cheat and do any number of dishonest things to get you stuck in something.

2nd issue:
The 4 wheeler stop starting, it was still covered under the 6 month warranty so we took it up there and dropped it off on January 17, 2015 , On January 20, 2015 we got a call said it was a bad barratry and low on gas so they ordered a battery and it would be ready on January 23, 2015 and they would call us and we could come get it. On January 24 about 3pm we still had not heard anything so my husband called them and spoke to the manager, he said “and what do you want me to do about it?” My husband said, “I’d like to see what’s going on with my 4 wheeler” The manager answered, “fine ill check.” Click…put my husband on hold. Now although his attitude and phone etiquette is rude we over looked this and waited. He came back on the line and said, “Mr. LeBeau, you can come get your 4 wheeler, I took a battery off the shelf and put gas in your 4 wheeler, come get it. Click… hung up the phone.
3rd issue:
My husband goes up there, the 4 wheeler is sitting in the parking lot with the key in it, and a receipt stuck on the 4 wheeler, anyone could have driven up loaded it and been gone. My husband went to load it up and noticed it was on reserve and switched it to the fuel tank and it stalled out, now they had told him they put gas in it and it didn’t stall so he went inside to find out what was going on to make sure they knew it was still stalling out. He couldn’t fine the store manager but found another manager and said, “Hey man I’m Ben LeBeau.” He was interrupted by the man who said, “Yea your 4 wheeler is out front, the key and receipt is in it.” My husband said, “yea, I just tried to load it and it stalled out again, the manager said yall put gas in it and it wasn’t stalling anymore.” The man answered, “We didn’t put any gas in it,” So my husband said, “well, I was told yall did, now you are saying you didn’t, am I being lied to? I want to talk to someone who knows what you did do and didn’t do” The man got up in his face and said, “aint no one fucking lying to you, get the fucking up out of here, no one wants to hear your shit.” So my husband turned and walked out, got the 4 wheeler on the trailer when the man that cussed him out chased him out into the parking lot with a money bag and a wad of cash and said, “Here’s $5 bucks for your damn gas” My husband answered, “I don’t need or want your money.” Got in his jeep and come home.
4th Issue:
Since this we have talked to several corporate managers and Tom Kiser, the manager over all Kevin Powell motorsports, no one has a problem with any of how we have been treated! So if you want to be lied too, tricked, bad customer service, or to be cussed out this is the place for you.
My husband is a retired disabled war veteran, who spent the best part of his life fighting for and defending this county and this is how he is treated. No one deserves this but especially not a man who has bled for this country.

Kevin Powell Motorsports - Winston-Salem, NC

On 12/1/2014 11:09:32 AM Individual wrote:
Bad business practices here. This is not a store to purchase something for your kids over the holidays. I was flat out lied to about what the equipment I purchased could do and couldn't. It is only for hardcore sportspeople, not for your backyard. They also have a no returns policy. They will say anything to make a sale- even lies. This business should know that you will lose more money in the long run doing this than you would to turn down a sale when you know it isn't right for the customer.

To the dealer:
If you had integrity it would go a long way. If you know what your customer is looking for is available somewhere else, direct them to it. Don't say it doesn't exist and then sell them something else.