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Latest Yamaha Dealer Reviews

Kevin Powell Motorsports - Winston-Salem, NC

On 12/1/2014 11:09:32 AM Individual wrote:
Bad business practices here. This is not a store to purchase something for your kids over the holidays. I was flat out lied to about what the equipment I purchased could do and couldn't. It is only for hardcore sportspeople, not for your backyard. They also have a no returns policy. They will say anything to make a sale- even lies. This business should know that you will lose more money in the long run doing this than you would to turn down a sale when you know it isn't right for the customer.

To the dealer:
If you had integrity it would go a long way. If you know what your customer is looking for is available somewhere else, direct them to it. Don't say it doesn't exist and then sell them something else.

Kevin Powell Motorsports - Winston-Salem, NC

On 9/1/2013 10:53:54 PM kountge wrote:
These people are not what they advertise! I filled out a credit app online for a used 2011 Kawasaki kx450f and a day later received a call from Tanya and she wanted me to come by the store, so I made an appt to see a guy named Jason on a saturday and drove 70 miles only to find that Jason had no idea who i was or why I was there! When I told him that I was there to see the 2011 kx450 he told me that they sold it already and to fill out another credit app! I filled out another credit app and they tried sell me some older beat up bikes that I was not interested in! Then I was told that the bank they needed to talk to about giving me a loan was closed until tuesday i got upset, I told them I drove 70 miles to have everything go terribly wrong and that there level of organization was terrible! They said that they had a new 2011 kx they would sell me for $4500 dollars and when they ran my credit they saw that one of my scores was really low and the others were good, and since they had to use the lowest score they wanted me to put my truck up for collateral! I reluctantly agreed. I explained that I had previously owned my own business and lost it during the recession and my credit was suffering but I had 5 loans paid off in history and there was 80 points difference in scores and to please consider the better score! they refused and told me they would call me back and never did! I had to call them and Matt said Quote " the bank wont do it we need a cosigner" No im sorry we cant do it or regretfully we cant get u financed, just the bank wont do it!! There advertising says they can get anyone financed for $5 down but they asked me to put up my vehicle and pay $500 down and still cant finance me with a 585 credit score!! Can u say FALSE ADVERTISING! Very unprofessional and Very Unorganized!! I will never refer anyone to this store!! They are TERRIBLE!!!!!