Tens of thousands of Toyota cars (many already have sold and even remaining ready and available for sale) throughout the world need a fast repair - this will require up to $2 billion to lose the company.

Not worthy of reliance acceleration pedal causes the Japanese manufacturer to give back more than 4.5 million units to shops throughout the world. On Thursday, Toyota has announced with official authorization that it will be pried as a minimum 1.4 billion Euros ($1.9 billion).

A variety of market experts analyzing data forecast similar amount of costs. Additionally, the manufacturer will go through the losses from the decreasing sales. The sale of Toyota in the United States this year went down by 16 to 19 percent - equal to 99 thousand cars that is the most miserable figure from the time when 1998.

Toyota has realized a reason for the acceleration pedal issue, which is found in their car. It was actually the water condensation unit. The issue takes place as soon as, the cold season come, the heating is turned on and therefore raises the rubbing within the mechanical parts. The issue should be solved by including an intermediate as it should be.

In reaction to a running condition, Toyota Motor executive Akio Toyoda called a news conference in Japan and express regret in public for the first time to the owners of the cars for any trouble that it has been adjusted for the necessary repair.

The car company is happy to end with that it detected the cause why the acceleration pedal almost not or even did not set back to its' right point as it should be. On the 1st February, Toyota made widely known about a necessary automobile maintenance in the United States, Europe, China, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.

In spite of the direct losses as a result of this problem, Toyota is very concerned in a serious manner about its esteem and honor. Up till now, the company had an outstanding reputation but now customers might be not so relying on anymore for support. In particular, if it bring forth that the company had a go at it about this issue is 2007 and keep distributing the models with a fault. It is declared but not proved that the previous Toyota car trials revealed that the acceleration pedal can crack.

Regardless of these issues, the world's biggest car producer regards to close the next financial year in profit as likely. After 31 March, the financial year will be ended; its net profit will extend to 80 billion yen (864 million USD).

Toyota sales figure in the last quarter was limited to 2.07 million cars - 227 thousand over in a last year. The net profit belonging to last quarter was 1.2 billion USD.

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Acceleration claims cost Toyota 1.4 billion US Dollars

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