At AutoSpies you probably have noticed that we like to take a different look at things.

With the power of the information age and plenty of eager writers, it is pretty easy to come across an owner's review of a particular vehicle. However, it is rare for a seasoned owner who has tried out plenty of electric hardware to dish out their perspective.

Thanks to we've got an inside look on how the 2011 Chevrolet Volt fairs out against the old and the new. Considering our subject, Mark Swain, has driven the now dead EV1, owned the MINI E, driven the Prius Plug-in and owns a Prius, we think he's a good source of information.

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...Mark has a great vantage point to evaluate the pros and cons of various electric-drive cars. He used to borrow his friend’s EV1, which was what sparked his original interest in electric cars. He leased the Mini E for a year as part of BMW’s pilot program. He takes test drives on every electric car he can get his hands on. And his other family car is a Toyota Prius.

This experience allows Mark to assess his current ride not as a true-believing Chevy Volt fanboy, but with a refreshing and agnostic candor. He nailed it (and made me laugh) when he said: “The Volt is somewhere between a Prius and a cool car...


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An Electric Car Evaluation From An Expert Owner, How's The Volt Stack Up?

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