One vehicle that was championed for turning around a brand's reliability was the Lamborghini Gallardo.

That's because of two factors: Lambos formerly were built like kit cars and Audi had a lot of handiwork when it came to the Gallardo.

Although many have said that its reliability had made leaps and bounds, maybe that should be investigated again since one owner in China went extremely far to send a message.

Now I have owned a car where I angrily muttered "I want to kill this thing," but I never would have done so for real. This guy took it to a whole new level.

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Workers hold hammers as they prepare to destroy a Lamborghini Gallardo L140 luxury sports car to mark World Consumer Rights Day in Qingdao city, eastern Shandong province, China on March 15. The car's owner hired people to publicly destroy the vehicle when it failed to function after a service by an official Lamborghini service station. The protest was made to provoke public support and goad the manufacturer to respect his consumer rights...

[Source: MSNBC]

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And JUST When You Thought Lamborghini's Reliability Was Turning Around...

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