The Lamborghini Aventador is one of the automotive community's most impressive autos on the market.

Sure, the Bugatti Veyron would stomp it out in a dead heat — quite possible the Nissan GT-R as well — but nothing can really measure up to a screaming V12. And no one, no one really gets a V12 to belt out an exhaust note like Lamborghini.

But the thing about a Lambo is about the flashiness of it and the panache. It's not a car for an introvert. You need to want attention and don't mind flaunting your success in a Lamborghini. It's loud, proud, brightly painted usually, and looks as though it just landed from space.

That said, if you had upwards of $300,000 smackers to plop on an Aventador, what would YOU decide? Of course we're splitting hairs here, but some folks actually are confronted with this travesty.

First world problems, you have to love them.

**Check out what our friends across the pond at Autocar found out when they put both of them together to figure out the key differentiating factors, below!

We took two Lamborghini Aventadors to our favourite test track to answer some of our more outrageous questions.

Can a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster jump further than its coupe brother; which makes the more intoxicating noise, which is best for drifting and, of course, which is faster? Let the battle commence.

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CAR WARS! Which Lamborghini Aventador Would YOU Have? The Coupe? Or, The Roadster?

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