Once and a while you have to stop and take a look around and ask, simply, "WTF?" And since it appears no one else is going to, I guess I'll be "that guy.


Said to be making its debut at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS) is the VL Automotive Destino Convertible. If VL Automotive doesn't strike a chord with you, don't worry as you're probably not the only one. VL was founded by Gilbert Villarreal and the legendary Bob Lutz.

To keep this brief, essentially VL is having some fun with the Fisker Karma and speculation seems to pinpoint the VL cars receiving those insane LS9 powerplants from the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1.

No word if it's true, but assuming it is, I just have to ask: does anyone actually care?

Sure, it would be cool to put some Karmas to good use since it essentially flopped — especially when compared with the likes of Tesla — but it seems that this project may have taken too long to get going. Realistically, why wouldn't you just go get a C7 Z06 with nearly the same power and is said to have a removable top?

...Few details have been shared about the Destino Convertible, but the design of both the two-door exterior and four-passenger interior seem to be closely related to the sedan and consequently, the Fisker Karma...

...“A beautifully designed car like the Destino deserves an exceptional interior,” said Bob Lutz, former General Motors vice chairman and currently a senior advisor to Katzkin. “By providing a fully customized Katzkin interior, we bring a custom-tailored design to the vehicle and its owner..."

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DETROIT AUTO SHOW: VL Automotive To Show Off A Convertible — Does ANYONE Actually Care Though?

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