It's hard to think of another person in the automotive industry that's as brutal as Jeremy Clarkson.

I mean, there's an abundance of impostors, but why get the half-assed version when you can get the whole cow?

That's the way I think of it, at least.

BMW i8 Photo Gallery

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Over the years we've seen Clarkson be extremely critical of the latest BMW's. And, we know he's not entirely fond of vehicles of the electric persuasion. So, what does Clarkson think of the BMW i8?

I won't give THAT away, but what I will do is say that Jezza is, as always, an intriguing writer that certainly captivated my eyeballs.

Here's a couple tastes of Clarkson's review:

...But then I was out of town, on the long sweeper onto the bottom of the M1, and I moved the gearlever over to the left to engage Sport mode and floored it. Ooh, it shifts. And grips. And that little engine makes quite the most intoxicating sound this side of a Ferrari V12...


...It is so fabulously clever that it would be easy to overlook a couple of things that in a normal car would be considered big black marks. The windows don’t go all the way down, so you can’t rest your arm on the door as you go along, the boot is stupidly small and the rear three-quarter visibility is dangerously woeful. It must also be said that the back seats are completely useless and the ride is just on the wrong side of jiggly. As a car, then, it still needs a bit of work. But as an achievement? Wow...

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BMW i8 Photo Gallery

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DRIVEN: Jeremy Clarkson REVIEWS The All-New BMW i8, So, What's Jezza Think?

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