So, if there's one thing we hate it's when folks in this automotive review business are dishonest.

Even worse than that is when these jokers continue to get invites back to the press trips as they spew the nonsense they're fed from the public relations department.

It's that hard to tell the truth for these guys.

That's why we LOVE posting reviews from actual owners -- like us, they actually have skin in the game.

And considering the lovefest for the all-new BMW M5 and M6, we wanted to see what a prior-gen M6 owner had to say about the all-new product. Well, here it goes, folks.

To summarize, essentially the gentleman says that the all-new M6 is actually a revolution from the last-gen car. That's somewhat surprising as BMW tends to be relatively predictable; however, when you stop and give it some thought, it completely makes sense.

THINK: A new dual-clutch transmission over the questionable SMG unit, a forced-induction V8 over the fabled V10.

These things matter!

One of the biggest things I take away from the gent's review is that the character has transformed. According to the writer, the old M6 use act like it wanted to drive fast ALWAYS and it wasn't always the most compliant beast. Now, however, it does as you tell it to.

For a GT that's fantastic but for an M car, I am not so sure...

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...And the verdict is:

With the price of upwards of 200,000 JD’s, the M6 is the most expensive and fastest BMW offered, and you get what you pay for. It is a true super car that will impress you for what it is that has none of the drawbacks and compromises of other super cars. This is a car you can drive everyday without worry and really enjoy it, not cover it in a garage and look at it over a glass of wine fearing it will break down driving it.

We could say the new M6 is a true M in every way, but in a whole new way. Don’t for one second think that BMW M have lost its game. BMW M has made an engineering marvel that doesn’t disappoint in any way, and we could call it the the new boss, same as the old boss, it is the new benchmark for Super GT’s.

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DRIVEN: Likely The BEST BMW M6 Review To Be

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