With all the great ways and websites to help you buy things on the internet, let's just say car dealers leave A LOT to be desired.

But of all the things you can get upset about while shopping a dealers website NOTHING, we ASSURE you NOTHING is MORE ANNOYING (even more than every other word being in ALL CAPS) than THIS...

THE DREADED 'My name is Alice, I'm online, how may I help?' pop up chat box.

You know the one that NEVER goes away, no matter HOW many times you click it off?

The one that you the customer THINKS is there to make your shopping experience easier and save you time getting a price and closing a deal.

But NO, that's not what's going to happen if you make the INSANE move by clicking it and start chatting with someone, you THINK is at the dealership. And you can say I'd like to buy this ride, what is your best price and is it in stock to buy today. NOPE. JUST NOT HAPPENING.

Because all it is, is a person who couldn't make a decision and do a deal on the spot if their lives depended on it.

They're only there to annoy you with the box popping up 100x and to get your name and phone number for the dealer database. So they can continue to drive you crazy hammering you with calls and emails. The talking chat box will NEVER give you what you came there to get. A REAL price on the car and answering if it's in stock and available.

So here's the Spies advice if you want that info and you want to do a deal and do it quickly. Call the dealer directly and ask for the sales manager. And WHATEVER you do, DO NOT use your phone, use a google voice number or something like it or you will go into their caller id system and then you will get follow up calls, whether you want them or not.

You know the ones at 6pm, dinner time..."Hey, this is ALICE, from the dealer checking in if we did a good job for you (meaning, we want to update our database because we're keeping score). They didn't, because if they did you would already be driving the vehicle.

So buyer beware. Remember, SPY before you BUY.

What is your opinion? Can you name something MORE annoying than this when you're trying buy a new ride?

Is There ANYTHING MORE ANNOYING When You're Surfing Dealer Websites Trying To Buy A Car Than THIS? We DARE You To Beat This One.

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