Probably one of the hotter topics of the year has been the all-new 2015 Ford Mustang.

Though I will admit our feelings are pretty mixed on the all-new 'Stang, the forums are buzzing with chatter about the latest from the blue oval.

What can I say? Their consumers are a loyal bunch.

Recently one of the prominent tuning companies for the Mustang estimated weight gain at upwards of 200-300 pounds. Turns out the company didn't get all that scientific with its "guesstimate" and they were way off.

Now, the record is finally being set straight. Thanks to a leaked dealer document that puts most of the 2015 Mustang's specs on full display, it's evident that while it will be putting on some pounds it will not be nearly as significant as estimated by Steeda.

- Manual GTs put on 86 pounds
- Automatic GTs gain 52 pounds
- Manual convertible GTs add 90 pounds
- Automatic convertible GTs tack on 60 pounds
- Manual V6s add 25 pounds

- Automatic V6s gain 6 pounds
- Manual convertible V6s tack on 14 pounds
- Automatic convertible V6s add 2 pounds

There's just ONE shocker if you've been following this whole hullabaloo. You know how Ford is releasing the EcoBoost four-cylinder? Well, it's not as light as many folks were probably hoping. It will only come in a touch lighter in some variants and the automatic convertible is actually heavier than the V6 version.

Kooky, huh?

**To see the FULL specs, click "Read Article" below!

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LEAKED! The Great Weight Debate Is OVER! OFFICIAL 2015 Ford Mustang Info Leaked Via Dealer

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