Following up on my previous threads about Agent 001's trip to Nashville, here's a great informational thread about what Nissan is looking to do in 2015.

Although a lot of attendees tend to "flake out" or have their eyes glaze over when it comes to the presentations, to us, this is one of the most important parts of any press junket.

That's because we think GOD is in the details. A lot of an organization's strategy is actually revealed or hinted at in these presos.

2015 Nissan Full Product Line Updates

For me, there's several interesting things I picked up in the photos below:

- Nissan is emphasizing its place in motorsport
- Nissan is making it's U.S. presence known — manufacturing jobs
- It has introduced an all-new product architecture (common module family (CMF)) that will be globalized
- An all-new FULL-SIZE pick-up truck will appear at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show
- This all-new rearview camera technology seen in the Murano is pretty cool — sounds great in theory but cameras do have their problems
- The Alitma and Rogue are likely to be the brand's two most critical models in 2015

Have YOU picked up on anything in these slides? Let us know!

2015 Nissan Full Product Line Updates

NISSAN 101: EVERYTHING Nissan Wants You To Know About What's Happening For 2015

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