A Lamborghini is a precious thing.

While it may not be a crown jewel or a fragile piece of art, it is an exotic automobile, and though it may be made of metal and feature space-age materials, it still can be hurt badly in an easy way.

Take, for instance, backing into an old-school Cadillac STS. That'll do 'er.

Though Bam Margera claims the damage "is bad," it's not that horrific. Then again, it is a Lamborghini and considering that the Murcielago was built with pieces ranging from carbon fiber to aluminum to steel, it could be costly to replace those couple of body panels plus the taillight, and possibly, the fan behind that vent.

Then you have to consider the paint job and the overall depreciation of a Lamborghini "with a story."

So, yeah, on second thought, it is bad.

**Participate in the misery by watching the full clip below...

While filming a new upcoming project (not gonna tell you everything... though there are hints out there on the Internet...), the famous blue Lamborghini Murcielago got slightly crashed. Bye bye Lambo. The crash filmed by Christopher Siegel (@illiegel) and Dave Lang (@thedavelang)

OUCH + VIDEO: Bam Margera Has An Accident In His Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster ON CAMERA

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