So, it's been confirmed that the U.

S. market will not see the Audi RS6 Avant make its way here -- again. It's a bummer but I am sure if you spoke to Audi's bean counters they would say there isn't enough buyers. OK, we know wagons don't sell so hot in America. Valid point.

But how about a sedan?

Audi DID build one for the last generation A6 -- after it debuted the RS6 Avant -- so there is a possibility that it would do it again; however, the realist in me thinks it's probably a long shot.

That's because word on the street is saying that the U.S. market will receive an RS5 Convertible in addition to the RS7. Though I would be relatively confident saying Audi doesn't have a problem moving the limited batches of RS products it brings stateside, I do believe having an RS6 and RS7 would be a bit "cramped."

Maybe it would be enough able to nibble away at AMG's marketshare? Considering that Mercedes-Benz seems to turn out special AMG versions without hesitation and it doesn't seem to have a problem moving cars off its lots, perhaps Audi could learn a thing or two.

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RENDERED SPECULATION: While We May NOT Get The Audi RS6 Avant, What IF We Received An RS6 Sedan

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