Would a major automaker really put a styling buck of one of its all-new volume products out for display before the vehicle's been unveiled? Well, weirder things have happened.

It turns out the boys and girls from MB Passion may have stumbled upon an interesting find at the Mercedes-Benz Museum. An interesting C-Class styling buck was found in the museum. The reason it's peculiar can be found in the seats and center console. A keen eye would note that the seats are the same as seen in the C/E-Class Coupes and current-gen E-Class Convertible. This means there's a flip forward lever and Airscarf integration. In addition, on the center console you'll see there's switches to operate a convertible top.

That's just the start of the oddities though: there's a power rear curtain button and you'll note that the two front doors of the styling buck are from the C-Class sedan.

So, what's really going on here?

One thing that's interesting to note is that the post where the original shots were published have now removed SELECT photos. So, we'll take you to the Carscoops post. Considering WE know better than anyone else how Mercedes LOVES to bully people for doing their jobs, we think this may actually be a spy job done well.

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...Watching spy photos and trying to distinguish some of the details under all that body armor is one thing, but having a look at bits and pieces from the actual production car is another.

The Germans from the MB Passion Mercedes-Benz blog recently did just that, and if you are anywhere near Stuttgart and/or the Mercedes-Benz Museum, you can too, apparently.

What you are seeing in the adjacent photos is a pre-production C-Class Cabriolet interior, which may or may not be final, especially since we did find a glitch in the photos taken by MB-Passion...

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SPIED? Did Mercedes-Benz Put A Styling Buck Of The All-New C-Class Cabriolet's Interior In The Mercedes-Benz Museum?

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