Fans of Tesla, as well as investors, have been eagerly awaiting the debut of the Model X.

It's been a LONG time since we got a first look at a concept and now a lot of folks want to see what the real deal is.

What will get lost from concept to production? What all-new features will Tesla hit us with? Will THIS be a follow up, gamechanging vehicle that will propel shares of TSLA through the roof?

After the success of the Model S, a lot is riding on this sport-utility vehicle/minivan/crossover thing.

This past week was a busy one for Spies. That's because the Model X was nabbed in three different locations. Not only was it caught, it was seen on video. Considering how below the radar the Model X has been flying, this is huge news.

First in Arizona, a eagle-eyed viewer video'd a Model X covered in dirt on a trailer. While it's obviously a test vehicle, we're guessing it ran out of juice during some off-roading.

Second, spied in NoCal's Bay Area town of Mountain View — home to Google — a Model X was seen cruising the local boulevard.

Lastly, seen in NoCal's Berkeley neighborhood, a Model X is once again driving on local roads.

A couple takeaways from these clips:

1) The Model X is going to be BIG. Check out how long and tall it is. To me, it appears to be the same proportions as the BMW 5-Series GT.

2) While the Model X will try to take some creative license from the Model S, which is a pretty stellar design, it doesn't appear it will be a looker as much as it will be a vehicle designed for function.

Check out the clips below, Spies, and let us know what YOU think of the all-new Model X!

SPIED + VIDEO: The Tesla Model X Comes Out From Hiding — Spotted 3X In NoCal And AZ

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