Admazing identifies several parallels between the marketing styles of Musk and Jobs.

One is the practice of calling out competitors by name. During the Cybertruck event, Musk dissed Ford (competitor #1 in the pickup truck arena) not once, but twice—first he made an unfavorable comparison between Ford’s “Built Tough” doors and the undentable stainless steel doors of the Cybertruck. Then he showed a video of a Cybertruck besting a Ford F-150 in an uphill tug-of-war (a Ford exec later tweeted a request for a rematch, then backed down).
During his 2007 iPhone presentation, Steve Jobs did much the same thing—not only did he claim that the iPhone was better than competing phones, including the Moto Q, BlackBerry, Palm Treo, and Nokia 62, but he enumerated the specific drawbacks of each one.

Also, this video below compares Steve Job’s iPhone announcement to Elon Musk’s Cybertruck announcement. They actually have a lot of surprising things in common. In doing so, we'll talk about the 3 things we can learn when it comes to marketing a new product.

Is this a fair comparison and who do you say was/is the better marketer? Jobs or Musk?

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Tesla CyberTruck vs. Apple iPhone. You'd Be SURPRISED How Many Parallels Between The Products And Companies

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