You know, as an American manufacturer, a big part of me really wants to see Tesla succeed.

I really do. But, boy, the silliness continues in Fremont.

One of the hottest cars on the market right now is the Model 3. It has the right brand, the visionary executive and a whole lot of drama going on in the background.

I can't tell you whether or not it's a good product simply because I haven't driven one. If the reviews are to be believed, it is a remarkable product. Albeit, it will set you back more than you think. The $35,000 Tesla, it is not.

One sticking point — of many — so far has been quality control surrounding the Model 3. According to reports, the early batches weren't exactly going to be winning awards. And when Sandy Munro of Munro & Associates tore down a early build Model 3, the car was said to have build quality on par with Kias from the 1990s.

Obviously, that's not a warm endorsement.

Fanboys/girls have been quick to retort that it was simply the earlier built vehicles. But, is it? I've seen a couple pretty dismal photos and this is just another to add to the collection.

A Twitter user alleges that her husband's colleague just received a $78,000 Model 3 and one of the car's door cards was brown — it was supposed to match the other three white ones. Clearly, this means there were multiple points of failure along the way from the factory to the team delivering the auto.

So, I've got to wonder: Does this impact YOUR perception of the Tesla Model 3's build quality or quality control? What say you, Spies?

Tesla Strikes AGAIN — Do YOU Think Quality Control Is A SERIOUS Issue With The Model 3 When Cars Are Shipped LIKE THIS?

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