Right now it's pretty much impossible to argue that any automaker has as much brand equity as Tesla.

Literally, Elon Musk could sell just about anything and people would snap it up.

The latest product is the company's first-ever, electric pick-up truck. As a variety of manufacturers join the EV truck fray, I think it's safe to say that Tesla's Cybertruck is commanding the lead at this point.

While the $100 barrier of entry is low to claim a spot in line, which may not accurately reflect how serious reservation holders are, Tesla now has over 500,000 hand raisers.

That 500,000 contingent may be happy to hear of several new developments around the Cybertruck.

First, the production version will be narrower than the concept that measured in at 84 inches wide. Musk is now saying that the productionalized Cybertruck should come in around 82 inches across.

Secondly, the Cybertruck will come standard with what's being called "laser blade lights." For those of you wondering what that means, Musk is referring to the LED light bar that sits atop the windshield. As this is an aftermarket addition for many truck owners, Musk is being smart with this sexy stock lighting.

Last, but certainly not least, a Twitter user inquired if the production vehicle will improve the concept's styling. Musk said that it would be "slightly better." I know that's extremely vague guidance but that's what the EV leader communicated.

Tesla Cybertruck’s width will be roughly 82 inches and the vehicle will come standard with upper “laser blade lights”, according to the most recent update provided by CEO Elon Musk.

Musk clarified via Twitter that the previously announced width of the upcoming all-electric truck might be too small...

The Tesla Cybertruck will also feature upper laser blade lights, the aesthetically futuristic bar of lights across the top of the truck’s windshield. While details about this feature are very limited, the laser blade lights are said to help provide the driver with better visibility, especially needed in challenging terrain or dark outback excursions. Additionally, the laser blade lights add a cool factor to the dystopian vehicle that has reportedly caught the interest of over 500,000 reservation holders since its debut...

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Tesla's Elon Musk Provides THREE Updates About Its All-new Cybertruck

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