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There's a wave of confusion after a Ford tuner who has had early access to the 2015 Mustang recently wrote on its website that the all-new 'Stang is carrying a bit of extra weight.

And when I say extra, I mean 200-300 pounds by their estimate.

Since the company's post went live, it seems the company has walked back its statement:

Based on our experience working with IRS mustangs in the past we estimated what the weight addition will be. In addition current industry trends with new cars show additional weight being added for various new safety and comfort features.

That's not exactly scientific or as sound as the original post made it seem:

Our work is cut out for us because unbeknown to most Mustang aficionados (and not “officially” confirmed by Ford for obvious reasons), the 2015 Mustang ended up gaining 200-300 pounds in this remake – and with weight being the “enemy of performance”, there are plenty of challenges needed to ensure that the 2015 iteration of America’s favorite Pony Car isn’t left at the starting line spinning its wheels against the competition.

Could it have been a bad guess Steeda should have kept to itself. Yes, possibly. Is there also a chance that Steeda spilled the beans and is trying to avoid any legal complications that could arise if there was a Non Disclosure Agreement in place? Yes, possibly.

Although I've been told never to be a cynic, one has to question why the Blue Oval has yet to release any information on the 2015 Mustang's curb weight.

What say YOU, Spies? Is the all-new Mustang going to be packing on the pounds or was this a simple mistake?

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