Life without honesty is a terrible thing and we ALL have our issues.

We're going to talk about a subject that many of us do NOT want to admit to.

But that's OK. We're all among friends here. People who even though they may not publicly say it, ALL face this demon regularly.

So let's finally bring this out on the table and get REAL. We owe it to ourselves and the people we care about.

Us car people all get caught inside this psychological game going on in our heads.

That place in our brains that constantly rings out where we discuss the pros and cons of buying or NOT buying a car, truck or suv.

Not real you say! We say BS!

If you're being true, on a daily basis we're always thinking of should i sell or trade my car and should I get THIS or THAT. Happens to me at LEAST once a day.

And it's innocent. I'm out there minding my OWN business and then I see a vehicle or I'm online and i see an article or someone shares a pic and IMMEDIATELY, the mind begins to RACE!

Wow, that thing is gorgeous we all say and the wheels start turning. Sometimes we give in and the next thing you know is you're sitting in the finance room signing the papers.

OR, after a couple hours or so of suffering through the psychological warfare you find the will and strength to talk yourself out of it!

So Spies, first ADMIT to the problem, then tell us WHICH car, truck, suv or other vehicle you talked yourself OUT of getting recently?

I'll start. An OJ-Style Ford Bronco EDDIE BAUER!

WHICH Car, SUV Or Truck Have You Talked Yourself OUT Of Buying Recently???

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