#LAAutoShow WORLD EXCLUSIVE! #IRONMAN Robert Downey Jr. Unveils The Audi GT Concept. And NO ONE Has BETTER Photos!
Posted on 11/27/2018 by Agent001
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At tonight's first #LAAutoShow reveal Audi brought in Hollywood heavyweight and star of Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. to show off the Audi GT e-Tron Concept for the first time. Cool thing is he's an Audi fan himself!

No cameras or cell phones were allowed inside the event but that didn't stop the Spies from doing what we do best. Getting the shots FIRST. And showing you the BEST shots.

Let us know what you think in the comments below and keep checking back often for breaking news and photos.

2018 LA Auto Show Photo Gallery

2018 LA Auto Show Photo Gallery

Well if they all come with this paint job or some variation thereof it will be interesting. Otherwise I don't really see anything that interesting here other than maybe the headlights... am I missing something???
Posted by: valhallakey on 11/27/2018 1:22:58 AM | Votes: 2   
So like 4 shots of the car and 10 duplicates each. Owning a Nikon does not make one a photographer. It makes on a Nikon owner. There is this word called "editing" and 10 nearly identical pictures produces no additional knowledge than presenting one of the 10.

As valhallakey says, this vehicle is totally devoid of the ability to generate interest. It's dull and boring looking.
Posted by: MDarringer on 11/27/2018 8:18:44 AM | Votes: 2   
You obviously didn't read the article. NO cameras or smartphones were allowed there. But we got the shots FTW. Go try to find good shots of it elsewhere...NOT happening.

Posted by: Agent001 on 11/27/2018 5:23:34 PM | Votes: 1   
@001 You missed the point 10000%. Why do we need to see 5 identical shots of the side? Then 5 identical shots of the...and so on?
Posted by: MDarringer on 11/27/2018 6:37:09 PM | Votes: 1   
Photography tip #1: Quality over Quantity.
Posted by: supermoto on 11/27/2018 10:05:17 AM | Votes: 3   
Posted by: MDarringer on 11/27/2018 6:38:15 PM | Votes: 1   
It looks like a 4-door Audi TT.
Posted by: CANADIANCOMMENTS on 11/27/2018 11:01:04 AM | Votes: 2   
So, an Audi Civic Coupe, size large.
Posted by: cidflekken on 11/27/2018 11:11:51 AM | Votes: 2   
Actually, a Honda Insight, size large.
Posted by: cidflekken on 11/27/2018 11:39:31 AM | Votes: 2   
Finally a Fairly good looking new Toyota!
Posted by: TomM on 11/27/2018 5:45:08 PM | Votes: 1