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Here's one thing that no one has talked about, yet. There is revolutionary technology in the 2011 A8 that is going to change the way people use navigation systems. Forget iDrive or COMMAND, the new flagship Audi is making moves.

The tech: a black panel, touch screen pad.

Rather than use buttons or joysticks, Audi's solution puts a touch screen in order for drivers to draw with their finger. For example, if I am trying to enter in an address as a navigation destination, I can hand write the numbers and letters and the system will recognize the inputs. Far easier than Audi's old solution of twisting a knob back and forth in an annoying and archaic fashion.

Is this easier for the SPIES? Let us know below.

Excerpt from Audi's official press release follows:

"MMI touch: a revolution in operation
Audi has entered a revolutionary new path in the operation of MMI navigation plus: it uses a touchpad. To enter the destination or phone number you simply draw the letters or numbers on the control panel with the index finger of your right hand. The system even recognizes Cyrillic, Chinese, Cantonese, Japanese and Korean characters. MMI touch can also be used to navigate on the map. An intelligent auxiliary feature is the Black Panel technology: Here the pad becomes a control panel containing six programmed radio stations.
The new input technology functions intuitively and spontaneously. The driver’s right hand is ideally guided by the selector lever of the 8-speed tiptronic. His or her finger draws the lines as if automatically – and the driver's attention remains focused on the road. The system acknowledges the input after each character with an acoustic feedback signal. In contrast to voice control, touchpad input is possible even while conversing or listening to an audio source.
Along with MMI touch, the new A8 also offers conventional operation with the MMI rotary pushbutton. Further improved voice control is also available on request: Places and roads can now be spoken as commands..."

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2011 Audi A8: MMI Touch, Changing The Way We Use Navigation Systems

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