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Hyundai's Next Generation Accent was spotted recently testing under camo. This new Near Luxury B-Segment will be an added Flavor, well Accent (excuse my pun) to American roads.

It features Hyundai's New Fludic Design Sculpture all around. It will have a 140 HP Engine giving it a bump of 30 HP, and get this; without sacrificing fuel economy. It will be Powered by a 1.6L Direct Injection engine that will also give it close to 45 MPG. Hyundai is also testing a 50 MPG Hybrid Variant of the car as well in preparation for sale.

Also, the Veloster Coupe is not a Tiburon Replacement, per-se. It is replacing Both the Tib and the Traditional Accent 3 Door, as an Accent 3 door hatch. The 3rd actual door will not be the Hatch this time. It instead will be a small suicide side door on the passenger's side in a MINI Clubman like configuration, as this car will be made to duke it out with BMW's MINI Division. There will be a 176 HP 1.6L Turbo as an option as well.

The Accent will also have Higher end features with details coming at a later date.

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