While Agent 001 was at the 2013 BMW sneak preview event at Laguna Seca, he noted something a bit different in the bright sunlight on an all-new BMW M6 convertible.

It was...shinier.

That's with good reason, folks, as this particular M6 was equipped with the no-charge, optional Moonlight soft top.

To be clear, there are two different black soft tops you can equip the vehicle with:

1) The standard black soft top, or
2) The Moonlight black soft top.

The key differentiating factor between the two is that Moonlight weaves in some silver fabric to give it that certain sheen when the sun hits it as 001 captured in the photos below.

With metallic-painted cars, it clearly makes a significant difference.

After seeing it in the flesh, 001 told me, that it is "AWESOME," and that "I wouldn't order mine any other way." Keep that in mind next time you're spec'ing your next soft-top BMW convertible.

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2013 BMW Sneak Preview: Have YOU Ever Seen BMW's Moonlight Black Soft Top SHINE Like THIS?

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