The 2014 Corolla order guide is out, and the big changes are:

- The 4speed automatic is all but dead - only the base model will offer it

- A new "Eco" trim level will replace the SE trim, and it will feature a higher HP engine with "valvematic" technology that will be faster AND more fuel efficient.

- There will be some snazzy new luxury features available, including Softex leather, navigation, and push button start.

- There will also be some funky new colors available, including something called 4Evergreen.

The addition of a Valvematic 1.8L and a 6-speed manual could be very exciting. Supposedly, the 6-speed is fun to drive, and while the new engine won't be outrunning a Focus ST or anything, it's going to be "snappy".

Check out the link for more details on trim changes, etc.

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2014 Corolla to Have CVT, 6-speed Manual, and Higher HP Valvematic Engine

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