We all know that Macan was a great success for Porsche when it was introduced back for 2015 MY. From then and to today’s time it became one of the Porsche’s best-selling models. That’s why German automaker continues with improvements on its premium model. Because the fact that the model has only been on the market for three years the car won’t undergone any substantial changes but the time for mid-cycle refresh is just about right. The test mules of 2018 Porsche Macan have been spotted on few occasions with latest spy photos coming to us from northern parts of Europe.

When car undergoes testings in Arctic conditions, it means that the manufacturer is bringing the model to a completion. The fact is that spotted Macan is close to being a production model, but Porsche won’t rush the introduction of 2018 MY. They will take things slowly and safely, and that is why the 2018 Macan is going to be introduced somewhere during late 2017 or even at the start of the next year. Also, there are few indications that Porsche might be poised to show us its new Macan at Frankfurt Motor Show, but these new weren’t confirmed.

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2018 Porsche Macan spied conducting winter tests. Ready for 2018 MY.

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