Because trucks and crossovers are more and more successful, there are more and more manufacturers trying to enter the segment. Not that long ago the French manufacturer Renault showcased the Alaskan truck. At first it was nothing but a concept but then they released the production version which is, unsurprisingly, a rebadged version of the Navara. The truck does get its own flair but it still is a more expensive Navara which may hurt its sales in the future. Unlike some of their other models, the 2018 Renault Alaskan will become available in Columbia and it will spread shortly after that. It is expected in Europe, Africa and some parts of Asia as well.

The basic chassis of the Navara remained unchanged which means it still offers the body of frame construction, the rugged suspension system and its great engine. The Navara currently retails in the UK for £22,000 for a base model. It seems that the Alaskan might be quite a bit more than that. Some rumors even suggested closer to £25,000 in which case it would become interesting to see what Renault will offer more than Nissan. The truck will likely become available for sale in Europe in the late 2017 and it should become available in the rest of the World by 2018.

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2018 Renault Alaskan - First Ever Truck From Renault

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