2020 Seat Leon is on the way, and the Spanish manufacturer couldn’t hide this from us. Despite using the body of the current Leon wagon as the test mule, their intention is clear. Seat plans to launch the new model which will over-shine all previous models and most of the competition. They plan to do this by offering 2020 Leon equipped with a technology-packed cabin, and a first-ever electric drive system for this vehicle.

New Seat Leon was caught on the same roads where one of its clansman (Volkswagen Golf VIII) was spied just weeks ago. Volkswagen group is looking to update its models through entire segment, and Leon is next in line. But just as the eight generation of Golf was using the different body, the case is the same with this one.e

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2020 Seat Leon will most likely be released in the summer months of 2019 as 2020 MY

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