If you have enough success and are one of the fortunate souls that gets the chance to purchase an exotic, it is likely that you have particular taste. Not just in terms of exotic autos but in all walks of life.

That's why when a recent Ferrari 458 Italia owner took delivery of his prized possession, he had to call up master detailer Todd Cooperider to give a NEW car some paint correction. Keep in mind Cooperider was 600 miles away from the 458.

We first got a look at Cooperider's work when he painstakingly restored a Ferrari F40 after 60 hours of work. Something tells me it may of had to do with the vehicle's incredibly thin paint and the fact it was an F40, one of the greatest supercars ever created.

To hear more about Cooperider's 600 mile trek and see the best looking paint on a Ferrari 458 Italia, I suggest clicking "Read Article."

On New Year’s Eve 2010 I was sitting at my computer working on a few articles for the DI Ask A Pro Blog, and I received a phone call from a prospective client. He was thankful that I was answering my phone on a holiday, and told me about his new Ferrari 458 Italia. He said that he had been following my work on Ferrari in particular over the past few months, and had read my first 458 paint correction article that I published back in June. He learned that most new exotics and other hand-built vehicles came from the factory with paint in less than stellar condition, and he hoped that his would be different. When his new Italia finally arrived just before Christmas, he thought that he received one in great condition. When he washed it and brought it in under the halogen lights however, he saw that he wasn’t so fortunate, and immediately picked up the phone and dialed my number...


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A Story Of A Ferrari 458 Italia, A Master Detailer AND A 600 Mile Journey

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