Honda has resurrected the ZDX nameplate for the first Acura electric vehicle, built in partnership with General Motors. Acura previewed the upcoming EV this summer with the dramatically-styled Precision EV concept, but the production version of the ZDX will look more tamed.

After revealing the Precision EV Concept in August, Acura let us all know that their future electric vehicle would be called ZDX. The Acura ZDX nameplate is not new, being used for an ill-fated coupe-SUV in 2009. It only endured four years on the market before being withdrawn and the nameplate put to sleep. This time, Acura’s dusted-off ZDX name might stand a better chance, thanks to the high-tech nature of the upcoming electric vehicle and the spiced-up design anticipated by the Precision EV concept.

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Acura ZDX Prototype Looks Just Like Cadillac Lyriq Sibling

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