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Our very own top Agent 001 headed down to the Caribbean — Puerto Rico, to be precise — to sample an all-new ride. The car in question? The all-new MINI Cooper.

Of course it may not look much different from the current-gen product, but we assure you it's changed significantly. That's because not only has the vehicle grown in size, it's also received an all-new three-cylinder motor.

And according to 001, the three-cylinder is a remarkable powerplant. That's because it obtains the mpg of a diesel with absolutely none of the tradeoffs. AND, we know that gasoline fuel is less expensive than diesel fuel.

In typical AutoSpies tradition, we've documented the launch of the all-new MINI Cooper with pictures. Lots of them. Over 720, actually.

I've compiled a selection of hand-picked photos below. Make sure to check out the FULL gallery yourself!

**Disclaimer: No animals were harmed in the making of this photo gallery. 001 stumbled upon the already deceased iguanas.

The New MINI Cooper Launch

Agent 001 Heads To The Caribbean To Sample Britain's Latest All-New MINI Cooper

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