Our fearless leader, Agent001, shipped out this week to Northern Virginia near Volkswagen Auto Group's (VAG) Herndon headquarters to drive the companies latest wares. Usually the people's manufacturer holds an annual event where it tracks the changes of all its models and lets folks get behind the wheel and see it for themselves.

2015 VW Product Line Changes

As seen in 001's photos from the event below, it's clear that the BIG cars making noise were the 2015 Jetta, the 2015 Golf GTI, the 2015 Passat and the all-new e-Golf. All of these products are volume sellers for the brand and they need to be truly differentiated and great to get ahead of the likes of the competition from Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Toyota and Ford.

Stay tuned to AutoSpies as I detail each 2015 model year products' changes.

2015 VW Product Line Changes

Agent001 Heads To The East Coast To See What VW's Bringing To The Table For 2015 — Get A TASTE Here

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