If you don't know my background, then you don't know I used to be a field goal kicker at the University of Colorado. And kickers have a joke...EVERYONE, THINKS they're a kicker. Until of course, you're behind the line of extremely large men charging at you with 1.5 seconds or LESS from the the snap for it to be put down, set up, kicked and over the lineman rushing you. And let's not forget that one OTHER small detail. It needs to go in between those posts 99% of the time, no matter what the scenario, or you're out of a job.

So NO pressure ;)

I use that analogy because in this business, it seems that way on YouTube. EVERYONE, THINKS they're a reviewer.

So as I was browsing today, I saw this one and I won't give you my verdict yet, until you all watch and give us your opinion of his list.

And you answer the question are these the WORST luxury car NIGHTMARES of 2020 or is THIS a NIGHTMARE of a list?

Are THESE The WORST Luxury Car NIGHTMARES Of 2020? Or Is This The WORST List?

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