Ford’s Ranger Raptor is sure to be just as hot as its F-150 Raptor and Bronco Raptor stablemates. I could only imagine what’s going to happen with these things at the dealer level. But if you do manage to find a dealer willing to sell you one at MSRP, you’re still going to be paying a pretty penny a month. As Cars Direct pointed out, don’t expect to drop under $1,000 per month if you want this off road pickup.
Of course, like most new cars now (and especially regarding anything fun, or designed for performance), you have to pay to play. The Ranger Raptor isn’t cheap. Including destination, it starts at $56,960. That price makes it the priciest Ranger you can buy, and one of the priciest off-road trims on the market (only the Chevy Colorado Desert Boss and GMC Canyon AT4X are more expensive, at least until we find out how much the new Toyota Tacoma Trailhunter costs).

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Are You Willing to Pay $1,000 A Month For A Ford Ranger Raptor?

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