Are these the most exclusive coupes? I know which i'd rather have, what about you-why?

Rolls-Royce 100EX coupe
Two years ago, Rolls-Royce unveiled the 100EX convertible concept, and it wowed the crowds in Geneva. Since then, Rolls has confirmed that it will, indeed, build a production convertible based on the 100EX, and we expected to see that car at this year's Swiss show. Instead, Rolls surprised show attendees with yet another concept, the 101EX, which is a coupe version of the 100EX convertible.
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Bentley continental GT
The Bentley Continental GT will turn its driver into a de facto spokesmodel, with junkets lurking at every parking lot, gas station and red light. Passers-by insist on sitting in the driver's seat — bouncing with glee once inside, exclaiming, "I'm in a Bentley, I'm in a Bentley!" Fellow motorists shouting questions and compliments ensure that the windows stay down, even in a light drizzle.
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Are these the two most exclusive coupes - which would you rather have?

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