My scanner won't install in my computer so I can just give you the fine points.

There was a lot of praise but also a lot of negative comments, especially regarding the pathetic trunk space and load capacity.

The LS handled well if driven in a relaxed manor, but the moment one tried driving sporty with it, it's poor handling became apparent. It's no match for any of the German V12s in this class when it comes to handling - or performance. 6.3 seconds to 100 km/h is slow when compared to the Mercedes S600 for example (4.5 seconds).

Fuel economy in the mix was good, but outside on country roads and the Autobahn, the LS600h will use a lot of fuel. The engine was quiet and the comfort was good, except on uneven road surfaces where the suspension made a lot of noise.

The interior was heavily criticized for two reasons. One, the poor ergonomics. There are buttons for various features all strewn across the interior. AMS felt the logic behind this was confusing. Second, the interior materials are cheap for this class according to AMS. This type of interior would be ok in the midsize class (E-Class, 5er, GS, A6 etc.), but not here.

Lexus hopes to sell 5,000 Lexus LS in Europe. They expect that 60% of LS's sold will be Hybrids.

+Quiet engine
+Fuel economy (9.3 L/100 km mixed)
+Very comfortable
+LED lighting
+Interior space
+Low wind noises
+High speed comfort

-Slow acceleration for this class (6.3 seconds)
-Extremely small luggage space (330 liters now instead of 505 liters [LS460])
-Extremely poor load capacity (200 kg!!!)
-Noisy suspension on uneven road surfaces
-Poor handling / vague steering
-Cheap interior materials / poor interior ergonomics
-High fuel consumption outside urban environments

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